Toby Memorial

Toby was adopted from Golden Bond in the Fall of 2003.   When I first met Toby at the foster family’s home, he demonstrated one of his most endearing traits.   He was a ‘leaner’ and leaned into my chest as I knelt down to meet him.  DONE!   He went home with me right away!   And thus began an amazing 13 year journey together.   Another unique trait was that he preferred not to relieve himself in his own yard.   We, therefore, began walking around the neighborhood we lived in.   On our walks, we would meet and chat with a woman who was walking her friend’s dog.  After a year of meeting and chatting on the streets of the neighborhood, this woman (Mary) became my wife and Toby’s new mom.   Thank you Toby for enriching my life in so many ways!Toby memorial2

Over the last few years, we have been taking long RV road trips to the Southwest during the winter visiting friends and family in California, Arizona and New Mexico.  We called these trips our ‘Carpe Diem’ trips.   We visited many National Parks and Monuments along the way.   He loved having the back seat of the pick-up truck as his own space for traveling.  He was a wonderful travel companion.

Sadly, his journey came to an end on Tuesday evening June 26, 2016.   There is one less heartbeat in our home and he will be missed.   But we will be forever grateful for the good times we all shared.

Ken and Mary Gates