Sadly on Christmas Eve morning 2016 we said good bye to our wonderful sweet Toby.  He came to Golden Bond in the spring and we were the lucky family to adopt him in June!!  Toby always had a smile on his face and a wag in his tail.  There was truly something special about this dog and all the friends, family, and veterinarians that came to know Toby recognized his loving attitude immediately.  Toby sailed through dental surgery, cyst removal surgery, physical therapy, learning to take walks in the neighborhood, and finally repair on a torn cruciate ligament.  Four days after his last surgery that would give him stability, his arthritic body gave out and a disc most likely ruptured in his neck.

We cherish the six months of joy you gave us!  We know you are running and retrieving that tennis ball in dog heaven with all the other Goldens!!

RIP Toby.

Thank you Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon!!



My new family likes to call me lots of names – Toby Wan, Tobs – I don’t care because I am so happy!!  I hear my mom tell all the neighborhood dogs and their owners, that I am very accommodating and so easy!  I know my new mom wishes I could go a bit faster on walks but she is learning my speed!  I have lots of new girlfriends – Clare, Abby, Sunshine, Diamond, and a new guy friend Tailor!!  We wag at each other and then I just lay down!!

This Sunday I am going to have a “medicated” bath to try and clean up all my scabbie spots on my back.  I don’t mind all the attention at all!  My mom is even trying to have me see a dermatologist – wow!  That sounds fun!!  Oh I also overheard her setting up a teeth cleaning.  Maybe then I will feel better when I eat my food as sometimes I leave a lot in the bowl.  Mom says she has never seen a golden not eat a meal!!  Well, those snackies are the best!!  I could eat those all day long!!Toby3

Thanks for asking about me!  Mom and Dad say I am a “keeper”, whatever that means.  That cat in the house Jeepers is so crazy for me!  He doesn’t curl up with me but he sure does sleep close by and keeps tabs on me!!

Oh mom says I do have a funny behavior – when I see a “work” truck drive by I get all excited! One day we had an appliance repair man come to the house and I would not leave him alone!! Maybe something from my past life; I can’t seem to remember!

Woof, woof!


Toby was adopted June 16, 2016

Hello! My name is Toby (#2693).  My foster dad has been posting stuff about me on Facebook so if you’re a “Friend of Golden Bond Rescue” on Facebook then you may already know a lot about me.  I am 11-years old and have had several homes through no fault of my own.  At my last home, I had to stay outside and sleep in the garage so I’m really enjoying being an indoor guy at my foster home.

I love other dogs, cats, and all people. I’m just an easygoing dude. I am a little overweight, but I’ve recently gotten in the habit of going for lots of walks and eating healthy, so I’ll want to keep this up in my new home.  I don’t walk fast, but I can make it around the block now.  I really look forward to walks, getting brushed, and just being with my humans.

My foster mom took me to someplace called Curious K-9 Pet Salon today. I had a great time and I feel so much better.  Now, I’m clean and handsome and ready for my new family!Toby 2693a

Note from Toby’s foster family: Toby is an easy dog to live with and is the happiest dog we know.  He wakes up smiling and bouncy in the morning, is very well mannered and knows the basic commands.  Toby is somewhat toy possessive and loves to tear up the toys and tennis balls.  He takes Thyroid medication and an anti-inflammatory for his arthritis, but other than that he is fairly healthy for an 11-year old dog.

Adoption fee:  $200 plus $35 microchip fee



Sex: Male
Age: 11 years old
Weight: 90 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now