Permanent Foster November 2011

Tiga #2199Tiga (#2199) is a 10 year old female Golden Retriever mix; she may have either St. Bernard or Leonburger in her. She weighs 75lbs and is both long and tall with big white spotted paws and that sweet golden temperament.

Tiga lived with one family for most of her life. She was surrendered by her owner because of a change in living situation (divorce). Tiga has lived with dogs, cats and kids and is friendly to all. She had obedience training and knows the standard commands. She is a great leash walker and knows “heel”. When she is walking she loves to walk along sniffing every pole and bush. She is used to two walks a day of a mile or more. When she hears WALK or LEASH she jumps around and literally bounces on those big paws.

During Tiga’s routine dental cleaning, the vet found a lump high on her left front leg near her shoulder joint. The vet took a biopsy and found cancer cells. A pathologist confirmed a soft tissue tumor, a type of sarcoma. These tumors are slow growing with a low to moderate rate of spreading (metastasizing) Tiga’s lung x-rays don’t show visible tumors.

Tiga #2199The vet at McKenzie Animal Hospital in Springfield consulted an oncologist about treatment options. Options are amputation, or a long course of radiation, or simply watching and waiting and treating symptoms as they emerge. The board of GBR decided to give her comfort care as symptoms emerge and it was decided to make her a permanent foster. At this time she is walking without a limp, she is eating, sleeping and playing like a healthy dog. She loves to be with people and to have a soft dog bed and to go for lots of walks. She will live out the rest of her life whether it’s long or short with good care and all of her body part.