“Aspen” (formerly Tatonka) came to us in late 2018 as a 5 month old puppy in the F2A (First to Adopt Program).  The second I saw him I said to my husband, “oh we are in trouble.”  And we were… after a few weeks with this love bug we were hooked.  He had bonded not only with our other dog, Ava, but with our cat, Ash as well.  Daily the three of them chase each other around the house and wrestle.  It didn’t take him long to figure out where the bathroom was (outside) and that his kennel was a safe space.  Now he can’t wait to go in his kennel every night for bed.  He’s smarter than we give him credit for and learns fast.


We have already conquered many trails together and I took them up to Vancouver BC for a little road trip as well.  He has not come without his challenges- as of late we are working on some reactivity with other dogs- but the hard work is worth the payoff.  Seeing him make strides and having successful outings brings us so much joy.  For now we are holding off on learning tricks while we focus on behavioral stuff but he knows “shake”!  He is the biggest cuddle bug and really just wants to be loved on 24/7/.  Velcro dog FOR SURE.

Overall, sweetheart of a pup.  He’s also tiny just like our corgi which is so adorable.  They look like mini versions of their breed.  Couldn’t feel more grateful for this furry family of ours.

Tatonka/Aspen was adopted on December 2, 2018