Tango #3115

Do you think I look like a Golden Lassie? My name is Tango (#3115) and I’m actually a Golden/Husky and nine years old. My only known health issue is arthritis. I take pills for that every day now and feel so much better! I’m quite chunky. I weigh 76 pounds and need to lose 10 – 15 more.

I spent my whole life with one family but my mom died this summer and then I was at a shelter until Golden Bond took me in. So here I am, looking for my second forever home.

I get along fine with my Golden brother. I’m well-behaved around the house and don’t do bad stuff. I’m fine when left alone and my foster mom says I’m easy to have around the house. I’m not interested in toys or balls like some dogs but love love love soft dog beds. I have lots of soft fur but don’t need much grooming.

I like exploring in the back yard and watching birds and squirrels. I love belly rubs, cuddling, ear rubs, massages and smooches. You cannot kiss me too much—I kinda purr when you snuggle with me. But I’m not one of those Velcro dogs that demands constant attention. If you let me, I’d love to sleep on your bed with you.

My foster mom says I’m smart because I’ve quickly learned to sit/wait for my food until I get an “OK,” I’ve learned “down,”and I walk pretty good on a leash. I used to howl (like a Husky) when my mom left the house, but not so much anymore. And, FYI, I will do most anything for treats.

Meeting new people totally stresses me out. I bark at other dogs and people we meet on our walks and bark at people who come into our house. But I’m fine with other people at lots of other places, like at a vet’s office or a kennel. No one’s really sure why I’m this way.

Wouldn’t you love a well-mannered, faithful companion—me—as your pal? I want a new family that will love me lots and take care of me forever.

Tango’s foster mom: This handsome dog has the most adorable, expressive face and soulful amber eyes. Tango is loving, loyal and calm around the house. Since he has been through so much turmoil and change the past several months, he will need a patient, loving family to help him settle into his new home. Tango needs people to love and snuggle with every day.

My best guess is he lived a sheltered life with an elderly woman who wasn’t well. Maybe nobody played with him or walked him, and he ate so much because he was bored. Tango has beena well-loved dog and is very comfortable in a home/yard environment. But I doubt he got out much for nine years. He likes our daily walk (early morning with not many others around) but is cautious and reactive in the outside world and when new people come into his home (his foster mom and Golden Bond Rescue can suggest ways to handle these situations).

A great home for Tango would be a nurturing family with no young kids (he’s probably not used to kids) who want a loving, loyal companion. Maybe this great home is in a rural area where Tango can roam around and not see strangers much. He should either be an only dog, or with another dog who doesn’t want to play or jump on Tango’s arthritic hips. Sweet Tango deserves a great family to spoil him and love him forever!

Tango is being fostered in Portland.

Adoption fee: $200 plus $35 microchip fee


Sex: Male
Age: 9 years
Weight: 76 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Unknown; Kids: No
Availability: Now