Sury (#3647) here checking in to let everyone know I will be available for adoption to my forever family March 25 and I am so totally excited!

I am sure you want to know more about me so here goes:  Foster mom says I am a very beautiful, brindle-colored, healthy, happy girl.  I am very social with other dogs and every person I meet.  The veterinarian says I am only 13- to 18-months old so you can imagine how many years my forever family and I will have to become best buddies.  I love to snuggle and be loved on, but since I am still such a youngster, you have to wait until I settle in and relax, which is usually in the evening.

For sure I am very smart.  I learned the dog door here within 15 minutes of my arrival . . . but then I did have the help of the three knowledgeable resident dogs.  I love to play with the resident dogs and can even snuggle with them.  I play with all three even though they range from 80 pounds all the way down to 10 pounds.  Of course, foster mom supervises me with the smaller ones as I play with gusto and forget I can’t be so rough on the little ones – I certainly don’t do it to harm them. I am also a super “talker” when playing with the smaller ones and am told I have a tremendous and funny voice. You will find I love to please and treats are one of my favorite things so training will be fun for both of us.  My foster dad says I have learned lots about how walk better on a leash and about how to walk with another dog BUT, here again, being so young means I sometimes get distracted by new things.

I am originally from Mexico so I had to get used to the rainy weather and a soggy yard.  I have adopted pretty well and now know I need to go out and get a little damp when it’s time to potty.  I’m told I was found starving and underweight.  I am very food-motivated and, having been fed regularly in my foster home, I have gained over 7  pounds and am now at about 35 pounds and could still put on a few more.  I’ve learned from my foster siblings that I am lowest in the pecking order so I am careful not to get overly excited about eating first.  I calm down when playing and take food much more gently when my foster parents say “easy.”

Crate-training was a snap since the others here all have their own crates to sleep in at night.  I willingly go in to my crate when a few treats are thrown in there.  I also go in immediately when I see a lick-pad covered with yummy spread-on treats in the crate. We all sleep at night in crates in the bedroom by the humans and I am content to be quiet and stay that way until morning.  I am, however, still working on being quiet in the crate when my foster parents are getting ready to leave the house.

I think I covered most everything you might want to know about me.  I am looking forward to having my own family.  I can’t wait to meet them!!!


Sex: Female
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown