Charlie Tse was one of the best and most beloved golden retrievers ever. He crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully on March 29, 2017.  He had been struggling with laryngeal paralysis polyneuropathy for the last few years. He maintained a great attitude and fought a very good fight.

Charlie was bow legged, but despite that he led an active life full of adventures. Over the years he lived on the both West and East coasts, where his family’s life revolved around him. He was a great swimmer and swam most days, and has left some of his golden fur in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, in addition to many lakes, bays, ponds, rivers, dog pools and puddles up and down both coasts.  He loved food but was very gentle and polite about it. He always stayed close and waited patiently to lick the bowls whenever dog food was being prepared and portioned. Charlie was generally dignified but indulged his mother by allowing her to put him in assorted holiday costumes at every occasion. His photo cards were greatly anticipated by all his friends and family each year, and his sportsmanship was rewarded by winning the Boston Halloween costume contest for dogs in 2014.

Charlie was one of the first of the numerous Blackburn foster dogs and we will always be grateful to Golden Bond Rescue and the Blackburns for his full life.   His death was preceded by that of his foster brothers Scout and Redford Blackburn.  His family is grateful that he was able to spend his last golden year back in Seattle, back in his neighborhood and swam in his favorite lake with his new golden rescue brother Lucas.

Charlie was the perfect picture of a loyal loving pet, a fixture at the dog swimming holes with his yellow ball in his mouth, full of personality, humor and sweetness. He was his own dog and a tough old guy.  He will be terribly missed by his friends and family every day.

His family would like to thank his teams of holistic vets, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and pool therapists in both Boston and Seattle for everything they have done for him.

Let’s wish that there are plenty of treats, swimming and many popcorn and cheetos parties where he is!

Adopted October 3, 2005

Sunny #1258Sunny (#1258) is Charlie now. He lives in Seattle and is doing great. He would like to thank the Golden Bond volunteers and his foster family who helped him find his way to his forever home. Here is a recent picture and he hopes to keep in touch.

Sunny’s Available Story

Sunny #1258Hello everybody! My name is Sunny (#1258). I am a 2-1/2 year old beautiful male Golden with big, soft, DREEEAMY eyes and a mellow easy-going personality. I am proud to say that I have impeccable house manners. I love to go on walks and I am a good traveler. I ride nicely in a vehicle, but because my hind leg structure isn’t ideal, I cannot jump into your car. If you give me a boost I’ll go anywhere with you. Then I look at you with my big DREEEAMY eyes as we drive away. I have been to the beach and to the mountains. I have even gone camping and slept in a tent!

Mostly I like to be with people, but I’m very good when left in the house with or without the resident Golden. I like to look out the window at the birds and squirrels, chew on my Kong, and wait for my people to return. Then we have a party, initiated by yours truly as I greet them with a toy or ball in my mouth. I sing like crazy, too. The resident Golden is also a singer, and let me tell you it is quite a duet when we’re both doing the greeting!

I love all kinds of toys, tennis balls, and treat-filled Kongs. I love to play fetch and will drop the ball right into your open hand if you’d like me to. I will not be able to be an agility dog or a marathon runner. The ideal lifestyle for me would be a relatively sedate one, with people who take me on daily walks, fun outings, and let me lay at their feet while I soak up the pampering. I am good with children because I am not too wild! I love to be brushed and petted and talked to. My big, soft, DREEEAMY eyes and sweet, mellow temperament are irresistible.

See you soon.