Sully sleeping

We adopted Sully about two weeks ago. I just wanted you to know we are so happy with him and he seems happy with us. He’s just been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier. Just a great boy. He came in and just fit right away day 1. He is so good on his walks. We keep up on his seizure meds and he still hasn’t had one. He doesn’t care about the cats one way or the other. We had to babygate him away from their food as he could polish it away pretty quickly. But we had a baby gate anyways so such a simple fix.

Sully sittingMy family really can’t thank you and his foster, Martha, enough.  As spring and summer approach we will have our kid write a successful story for you. Though for now I just wanted to let you know he’s doing great.





Sully was adopted on February 27, 2017Sully lying down on snow with tennis ball

Hi!  My name is Sullivan (#2771), though I prefer to go by “Sully.”  I was born on Dec. 9, 2014 to a Golden Retriever mom and a Labrador Retriever dad. Some would say I got the best of both worlds.  I’m very loving and I’m also your guy to get up and go – just not for too long.  I am happy with a good walk and then a nice snooze.  I inherited the tennis ball gene, but I’ll make do with a nice, bouncy Kong.

I was raised by a family with five kids and I love kids, adults, old folks – anyone who will pet me and play a little ball with me. I also get along great with other nice dogs.  And I was raised with cats so do well with them, too.  I would, however, love to chase birds or the occasional squirrel.

So why did I come to Golden Bond Rescue?  Well, in September I developed epilepsy.  My family and my veterinarian tried several different medications.  The first ones didn’t work for me.  My family found my seizure activity pretty distressing.  The second medication they tried worked well, after my body finally adjusted, but could be quite expensive unless they did a lot of shopping around.  With five kids, you can imagine how hard that was for them.  So, I came to Golden Bond.  Actually, as far as I can tell, I haven’t had a seizure episode since before Thanksgiving.

Oh, yes. I am in the process of losing the extra pounds that most Labs seem to find so very easily.  Right now I weigh about 83 1/2 pounds.  My ideal weight is probably around 70 lbs.  I’m down about 4 pounds since I first came into rescue.

Sully on dog bedDo I, Sully, have any bad habits? I used to counter-surf, but I haven’t since I’ve been in my foster home.  I have nibbled on a little bit of cardboard box though.  My foster mom tried letting me out to toilet when her dogs go out, but I mostly forgot to toilet and just wanted to play.  However, I have never had an accident in my foster house.  I’m really good about keeping all four feet on the floor unless I get very excited.  When people come to visit I can get very excited.  Mostly though I just wiggle, squirm and push for lots of petting.

My foster mom says she would like to adopt me herself, but she already has three dogs and she wants to be able to keep fostering.  Plus, she thinks that I am such a great guy that some lucky family will quickly realize that I’m the dog for them.  She says they couldn’t get a nicer dog.  I hope you’ll agree.

Adoption fee:  $350 plus $35 microchip fee


Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 83 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Yes
Availability: Now