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Sasha #3065

Sasha is doing amazing since arriving in the USA and her forever home September 19th.  When we first opened the crate at SeaTac she was the one golden that sprinted to…

Selma, now Honey #3062

Honey  is doing wonderful since arriving here in her forever home on October 22!  And she has stayed the same sweet, calm girl I met when she arrived in the…

Sunny #3063

Sunny is doing great! We are enjoying her personality, intelligence and energy. She was a joy with family and friends over the holidays and seems to be adjusting well to…

Jolly, now Lily Elizabeth Grace #3074

Lily has blended seamlessly into our family.She is so sweet. Her big sister Emma has been showing her the ropes. Lilly just graduated her level 1 obedience class and will…

Marigold, now Maggie #3127

Our rescue dog, Murphy, was just so sad without Lucy (Rusty #2587 who passed in the fall of 2018) , so just before Christmas 2018 we started searching the Golden…

Moon Pie, now Luna #2948

We have re-named her Luna. And she is a great dog. She has a new sister from Match Made in Heaven rescue.  Luna and I go on 3-4 mile hikes…

Lenny #2935

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