Henry joined our family on Feb 2, 2021 after a month with his foster family in Seattle. They did a wonderful job of introducing him to family life. From the moment he entered our house it was obvious he was going to settle in quickly. We were concerned that his previous life in China would leave him stressed and nervous, but he is a well-adjusted and well behaved two year old.

Henry is a handsome boy who frequently gets “that is a fine looking dog” on his walks. People are drawn to him by his friendly face and greeting. He enjoys his walks and absolutely loves his ball chasing sessions in the yard.

He loves his food and ours if we would let him. He likes being groomed. We have never known a dog that is so patient. He does not bark very often, but does like to let passing dogs know that his new home is now Henry’s place.



Henry is good in the car and lies down most of the time, but like any dog he enjoys a nose out of the window when speed permits. In his six weeks with us he has been to the Beach and Timberline Lodge. Several Road Trips this spring and summer are in his future.

He is all we could have wished for and more.







Hello, I’m Huck (#3438).  I came to the USA from China in December 2020 to find my forever home.

I’m a 69-pound Golden boy about 2-years old with a very thick coat and a need for fun.  My most favorite things after food are playing fetch (especially if it’s with a toy that squeaks) and going for walks.  I also love to go on car rides where I hang my head out the window for awhile and then usually go to sleep.  I have bursts of needing to play fetch or throw my toys around, but then I’m happy to nap while you get some work done.

Other dogs cause me a bit of concern.  I mostly just stare at them and go about my business but sometimes they make me want to bark and growl so I probably need to stay a single dog.

Humans though—I’ve got no concern with them!  I go into full wiggle mode and beg you to stop and pet me so I can show off all my floof and my happy face.  I have several fans already in my foster neighborhood who come pet me and tell me how good looking I am.

I can be a bit territorial in my foster yard and in the car.  I sometimes need to bark at what I feel the humans should be aware of.  Loud noises, my reflection, and blowing things can startle me, so you need to be ready for me to be a bit jumpy with these things.  I hear noises that sometimes make me growl. These noises concern me so I bark and a growl to let you know I’ve heard something.

I walk well with my harness and leash.  Twice a day rain or shine I must go check out the neighborhood.  I am not a fan of the rain but I wear a raincoat and look quite handsome in it (or so my fans tell me).  I need work on my come command and my down command.  But I caught on to sit super-fast, and I have learned to tell my foster family when I need to go outside to potty.  Since food motivates me, I’m willing to learn all sorts of commands if you have the time to show me the tricks.

If you want a great road trip dog who loves a walk or even hikes, I’m your boy.  I’ll just need your patience as I learn the noises of your house and you show me the rules of the house and I learn our daily routine.

Huck was adopted on February 2, 2021

Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? no
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown