Stella came into my life in September 2018 while I was volunteering to help with the incoming China dogs at SeaTac airport. She was one of the “Beijing 30”. When I met her she was tired, scared, and seriously matted. There was nothing about her that should make me fall in love with her, but something inside told me she was the one for me. Stella headed to the Portland area to be fostered for a few weeks, then I adopted her on Oct 15, 2018. What a surprise for my 11- 1/2 year old yellow lab, Magoo, and my 3 cats to have a new sister in the house!

Having come from China, I didn’t know if Stella had ever been around cats. It was doubtful. Her foster parents didn’t have cats either, so I wasn’t sure how she would do with my 3 cats. I was overjoyed when Stella got out of my car and came face to face with my cat, Lily, and they simply looked at each other like they’d been friends forever. I knew then that Stella and the cats would do fine together and that I had made the right decision in choosing her. She would be a perfect fit with my little family.

Stella and Magoo hit it off right away also. I didn’t realize how much Magoo missed having a companion after my golden, Hanna, passed away in January 2018. Magoo’s whole demeanor brightened with Stella as his sister. He was eating better and he was playing again. Sadly, Magoo got a very aggressive bone cancer and passed away November 23, only 5- 1/2 weeks after Stella came to live with us.

Stella has a new brother now (Mario — GBR #3132) and together they are living the good life. We go to the dog park every day (Grandview Off-leash Dog Park in SeaTac, Wa) where she has become very popular with the regulars because she is so tiny, sweet, and adorable. She absolutely loves walking around the park with a ball in her mouth and chasing the ball when I can get it from her to throw it. One of her favorite dog park activities is pawing at people until they reach down and pet her. And people happily comply because she’s so darn cute!

Some of Stella’s other adventures since coming to live with me include having Halloween pictures taken with Magoo (she was a cute clown!), passing “Basic Manners” class, meeting Santa at “Enchant Christmas” in Seattle, going to the ocean for a day with Mario and my mom’s golden, Sandy, and taking walks along the Green River Trail.

She has also become an “ambassadog” for Golden Bond. She has been to several meet-and-greets at local Mud Bay stores where she shines as a true success story of the good work that Golden Bond Rescue does.

At home Stella is a tiny little dynamo that loves to play with he stuffed toys and look out the kitty door, which is her little window to the world. She loves to cuddle and she and Mario trade off with who sits next to me on the couch.

Stella has totally won my heart and I love her very much. She is a soft, sweet, amazing, wonderful, funny, stuffed toy loving, cuddle bug and I thank Golden Bond so much for all they have done to bring these dogs over from China, and for allowing me to adopt this beautiful girl. And thank you to Amanda and Bryan for taking such wonderful care of her as her foster parents! It was hard losing both my dogs in 2018, but I am truly blessed with my 2 new babies. God willing, there are many more adventures ahead!