Hello there, I’m Stan the man aka Stanley (#3459).  I’m a tall, dark, and handsome 6 to 8-year-old male from Boise, Idaho.  I am very food motivated and a little overweight but don’t let my husky frame fool you, I’m a Golden that loves to retrieve.  I’m very smart, I know all my basic commands, and I love learning new ones (as long as you shower me with treats ;).  I can be a bit protective and unsure when meeting someone new and will pull on my leash when other dogs are near, but I tend to warm up quickly — especially to new humans — once they pass my sniff test.  I love to rest my head on humans I like (which is just about everyone), and I’ve never turned down a good belly scratch.  When it comes to other dogs, if they are aggressive, it’s unlikely I will back down.  I also find that my fear often causes me to react by barking and growling when I see another dog on a leash.

Typically I’m pretty mellow, but as soon as my foster dad grabs my leash, I get so excited I can’t help but do my happy-feet dance.  I love playing fetch, car rides, and running (especially in the snow).  When I’m not chasing tennis balls or sniffing my favorite trees for squirrels, I like to follow my foster dad around, room to room and lay on his feet whenever I can fit.  At times I can be a little unsure about new surroundings and can startle easily if someone sneaks up from behind.  In my old home, the young girl fell on me while I was resting, and I was not too fond of it.  So a home that doesn’t have any young children living or visiting would be for the best.  I also don’t like cats, but I’d be happy to share my home with a sister or brother that can keep me company.  I’m completely potty trained and I’m very good about letting you know when it’s time to go outside.  I’m happy in my crate, but I prefer to sleep on the floor right next to your bed so we can get a jump start on the morning together.  I do have a small thyroid problem, but the doc says it’s not an issue as long as I take a small pill twice a day with breakfast and dinner.  I’m also allergic to chicken and gluten.
Overall, I’m a very sweet and obedient boy that’s happiest when I get to spend all my time with my best friend.  Will you be my best friend?

Stanley was adopted March 11, 2021

Sex: Male
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? yes