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Sophie was adopted on January 27, 2018

Sophie (#2897) is a very special case for GBR and one that touches the hearts of everyone who meets her. She is an eight month old female golden who has had the best of care, training, love and socialization but, sadly, has been experiencing very serious medical problems that have forced her devoted owners to have to relinquish her due to their own personal medical issues and circumstances.


Sophie began limping at four months of age, went to the OSU Vet School at five  months and was diagnosed with a whole list of orthopedic problems: 1) bilateral elbow dysplasia with medial coronoid fragmentation/disease; 2) bilateral elbow osteoarthritis; 3) mild bilateral hip dysplasia; and 4) left shoulder OCD lesion. Her arthritis is stated to be moderate to severe. Sophie had bilateral elbow arthroscopy and fragment removal on 9/14/2017, and the lesion on her shoulder was shaved and removed. . During the weeks that followed surgery, her foster mom kept her on strict restricted activity level, and continued  laser and water therapy at the OSU Vet School.

The first week of December, she had her follow-up appointment at OSU and Dr. Warnock  was very pleased with the rehab progress. She said that Sophie’s elbow range of motion after surgery was much, much better than she would have expected.

Sophie is beautiful, about 56 lbs, and very sweet and smart. She loves everyone, other dogs, and has a good start on her training. She learns quickly and eagerly. Since she is still a puppy, keeping her activity level restricted to the point needed is of utmost importance.  Sophie will need extensive and restricted recovery time, long-term medical management, physical therapy, and low impact exercise for life

Present- from her foster mom

Not too many dogs can pull off the laser goggle look!

Sophie’s fun outlook on what each new day bring is contagious. Her activity restrictions take a back seat to what she can do — and they are very manageable from my experience. Her physical therapy team reminds me (twice weekly!) that Sophie needs to “be a dog” and that eventually she will be able to play with other dogs, have outings with her owners, and is encouraged to be moderately active. Swimming activities are recommended — but these don’t have to only be in a rehab facility. We have talked about Sophie enjoying regular swimming during warm weather in a lake or river or other water source. Sophie absolutely loves swimming. Kinda sounds like a Golden Retriever!


We are taking twice daily walks on leash, about 15 minutes each time, and Sophie has been doing well. Again — no sign of soreness, but lots of interest in the outings! Sophie still has about two hours of crate rest time twice daily, but the rest of the day she is either in an x-pen area or in a gated room area. She goes potty outside by herself.

Sophie is a fun, polite companion in the house. She enjoys chew toys, balls, and novel toys and does really well entertaining herself. A question . . . “Where is your toy?” prompts her to go find a toy from the toy box. Of course– we have had some puppy antics with the toilet paper roll being unrolled down the hallway and the stray sock or slipper being stolen. I see plenty of stories on GBR’s Facebook page to know we are in good company!! She does really well with “the trade” in these situations!

We meet other dogs and walkers, bicyclists, noisy trucks, and assorted leaves blowing across the sidewalk — all to be smelled and observed by an inquisitive young dog! Trips in the car happen regularly. Sophie confidently enters and exits with a ramp, accepts being leashed in the car, and waits patiently once we arrive at our destination. She regularly rides with my older Golden, staying calm and respectful.

Now that her routine is set, Sophie mostly “hangs out” with her foster mom and foster sister, plays with treat toys, chews an antler, snoozes — pretty normal dog things! She has been more relaxed since being allowed more time out of the crate.







Are you the right family for Sophie?

Sophie is now looking for a forever family who is financially and physically/mentally prepared and willing to continue to provide for her needs of appropriate and limited types of exercise (e.g., frequent, short bouts of low impact aerobic exercise, frequent short controlled leash walks). Her new family also must be committed to continue medical management with water therapy/swimming, possibly acupuncture and herbs, proper supplements, keep her lean and mentally stimulated, avoid slippery surfaces, jumping, and doing stairs. In return, they will have an absolutely  wonderful friend.

For home management, minimal steps/stairs (she is fine with a couple of steps) and a non-slippery surface inside and out are required.

If you think Sophie is the girl for you and you have the financial means to provide her with the continued therapy she will need, you are encouraged to send a note to goldenbondrescue or, if you are an approved applicant, contact your assigned Adoption Manager.

Sophie is being fostered in the Corvallis, OR area


Sex: Female
Age: 8 months
Weight: 56 pounds
Attributes: Excellent with other dogs and kids; cats unknown
Availability: Now