Hey, it’s me, Snoopy! But you may not recognize me because I’ve gained 12 lbs and grown even taller than I was before. I’m eating regular meals and getting lots of yummy treats. My fur gleams, and my tail has gotten longer and fuller. It is quite impressive when I hold it up while strutting around the neighborhood.

I’m called Riley now. You may have heard that cliché, “Life of Riley” which means the good life, and wow is that true! My humans take me on 3-4 walks a day and weekly visits to doggy daycare where I get to play with my canine buddies.


School for dogs? Yes, I was meant to attend. After all, I was found in a school yard. I have participated in two dog obedience classes and have expanded my repertoire. In addition to commands I knew before, I understand “stand, wait, leave it, take it, relax and shake” as well as the many hand signals my humans use.

My favorite thing is riding in the car. I’ve even mastered clambering into the vehicle – that was a slippery tricky maneuver the first few tries. I have been on adventures to the waterfront, parks, an outdoor café, dog store, and even through the car wash. I wasn’t too sure about that experience; it was loud in there and I was afraid the suds were going to get on me too.Snoopy2

That long plane ride from Taiwan was worth it! I am a spoiled and happy guy looking forward to many years with my new family who love me a lot even though I am an extremely energetic puppy and a lifestyle change for them.



Snoopy was adopted on February 16, 2016.

Snoopy’s Available Story:

Snoopy 2636aSnoopy (#2636) is a cute and happy 8-month old Golden mix puppy. He is healthy and quite tall, but seems slightly underweight.

He has a great temperament and gets along well with my two young GBR dogs, 15 month-old Koda and 8-month-old Coco, who also came from Taiwan.

Snoopy likes to play tug-a-war with Koda around the house and chase the other dogs in the backyard whether rain or shine.

Snoopy 2636Snoopy now knows “sit” and “come” commands in English. In the beginning, he didn’t understand any commands, but he could stand up on his two rear legs to beg for food.

Snoopy is not only housebroken, but also crate-trained, which is where he sleeps at night. He loves to ride in the car and enjoys his daily walk. Snoopy still needs more training since he still does a bunch of typical puppy things, like chewing on stuff that he shouldn’t, which makes Nylabones the best toy for him! Snoopy’s biggest weakness is counter-surfing; however, I believe that he could be trained easily since he is young, smart, and food-driven.

He’ll be looking for a family that is willing to help train him and has time to exercise and walk him every day.

Sex: Male
Age: 8 months
Weight: 33 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted