Skip and Serena are doing great – they appear to be really happy, and have calmed down into a pair of sweet adorable love-bugs.  Especially Skip, who would physically attach himself to you if he could figure out a way.  Even though he knows it’s against the rules to be on the bed, and he goes to sleep at night on his own bed, every morning I wake up and there he is using the pillow next to me.  So cute.  I do bend the rules to allow everyone on the bed for a Sunday Morning Puppy Pile and we have a big snuggle fest.

They LOVE going for car rides, and have been to several dog friendly restaurants and brewpubs around town.  The neighbor kids are giving them their afternoon walk 3 days a week, which is a great way for them to hang out with some dogs (they only have cats) and make a bit of allowance money on the side.  S&S have fallen for the kids too, and I think it’s a real win-win situation.  The housekeeper loves them too.  In fact I think they are the neighborhood favorites, receiving all kinds of attention on our walks.

They have especially big fun at the dog park – they stayed on leashes for the first few months there so they could learn the ropes, and now they are able to go off-leash in the swimming area which is the best thing EVER if you ask them.  Serena will go after the ball ’til her feet fall off, but if Skip happens to get the ball instead of her, she has quite a bit to say about it.

All their whirling dervish play time pretty much destroyed the grass in my back yard.  So I recently had all the lawn torn out and replaced with fake turf.  Never thought I would do such a thing, a purist that I am, but it’s nice to not have the mud pit in the back and the freeway of mud-prints running through the house.  Plus no mowing, weeding or watering and it stays green all the time.  Perfect.  And more $ than I can recall ever spending to accommodate my fur buddies, oh well.

So in summary – we are all one big happy family, and we continue to make friends wherever we go.  I’m so glad they came to live with me!


Skip and Serena were adopted June 2, 2016