Shiloh (Adopted 7/2009, Passed 12/26/16).

She was a very special girl who overcame so much in her life. For those of you that remember, she was one of the Burn’s puppy mill rescues. She was 3 when we she first came into our lives as a foster. We adopted her a year later. She slowly transformed from a frightened puppy mill dog that would not let us get nearer than 25 feet of her, to a sweetie that would melt your heart with soft sweet kisses while you sat next to her on the couch. She talked to us every morning with a bark and a howl and would go down the stairs out the door to run and play with her brothers and sister until it was time to eat. If she thought you were to slow at bringing the food, she would give another bark and a howl. While she remained shy around people she didn’t know, she loved to meet and play with other dogs and even cats. Even with all the abuse and pain she endured in her early life she blossomed into a dog that gave so much to us and asked for nothing in return. Of all of our rescue dogs Shiloh by far has made the biggest impact on our life. She was so smart and came so far in the years that she was with us. She taught us how to be better pet owners and we were lucky enough to be given the chance to teach her how to trust humans again. We lost Shiloh to cancer.

Brant and Lynn



Dakota (Adopted 9/2006, Passed 12/28/16).

He was our first foster dog/foster failure we adopted 10 years ago. He was just your typical 6-year-old goofy Golden Retriever that you just couldn’t help but fall in love with. He was a great foster brother to all, he taught them all the things they shouldn’t do. Like how to open the cupboard and get into the garbage, the fine art of counter surfing and how to open the pantry door to get to the good “people food”. The world was his playground and in his eyes anyone in it was a playmate. His antics would make you laugh until you cried. We had only had him a short time when one day while we were gone, he dug under the fence into our neighbor’s yard; they also had dogs but had taken them to the vet. He went through the doggie door into their house. When they returned home they found Dakota asleep on the couch with a half-eaten loaf of bread he had taken off the counter. He loved the beach and would run into the waves lay down and let them wash over him, he chased a tennis ball in the surf for hours and if you quit throwing it he would take it to a stranger drop it at their feet begging them to throw it.

His health had been failing over the past months and we truly believe he knew Shiloh’s cancer had returned and was holding on until she passed so that she wouldn’t be the one left all alone. When she passed he decided that “his work here was done”. He crossed the rainbow bridge a day and a half after Shiloh.

Brant and Lynn