Sherlock (Maui) arrived in the USA, dirty, very thin and very confused. Everything he knew was different: the language, the smell of the air, food… He arrived in Seattle late at night from a 12-hour flight from Beijing, China. Little did he know, he had just won the lottery when the Larsons agreed to foster him sight, unseen.

Maui has transitioned beautifully, he sleeps on Jenny’s bed or any couch he chooses, runs at high speed chasing any and everything in the yard, annoys our other golden (Lafayette) who is 10 and just went thru a tough medical situation, but they get along well and keep each other company. Everyone loves our little baby boy. He is getting his back two knees operated on April 19th by our orthopedic surgeon to correct issues that if not fixed will result in ligament tears in his knees and loss of good quality mobility.  His recovery will last three months but he will be like new. once healed. We are very lucky to have gotten our boy and we think Lafayette (deep inside) agrees.

Sherlock/Maui was adopted on December 8, 2018