After a few days of confusion and adjustments for all of us, Shandy & Cider & Bob & I are all settling into a comfortable routine.  We live in a neighborhood full of kids and dogs.  We are near a school, a wooded area with trails, and a small park.  Shandy & Cider go for an early morning walk and an evening walk every day, always on leash.  They seem to enjoy playing in our back yard running around and wrestling and rolling around.  Shandy especially likes to be outside where she watches the neighbor kids play and dogs being walked.  She likes her alone time and when I notice she’s “missing”, I can usually find her upstairs on our bed.

Shandy is gentle and sweet while Cider is energetic and goofy like a pup.  He welcomes everyone with towel in mouth and loves engaging in tug of war with anyone willing to play.  They have made our family room couch their own.  

We so appreciate the detailed information you provided.  It helped so much with their transition and helping establish a routine that we hope feels familiar.  Shandy & Cider are the ultimate Golden Retrievers, fun, sweet and loving dogs.  It’s obvious they have been well cared for and have been much loved.  We feel so fortunate and happy to have them as part of our family thanks to Golden Bond Rescue.  Rest assured, Shandy & Cider will continue to be safe, well cared for, spoiled and loved.

Marylynne and Bob

Shandy was adopted on March 7, 2017