Honey  is doing wonderful since arriving here in her forever home on October 22!  And she has stayed the same sweet, calm girl I met when she arrived in the USA in September with some of her other Beijing 30 companions.  As I write this, she is resting at (and on) my feet.

Honey settled in to her new home here without a hitch.  From night one, we established a routine of snuggling on the couch every evening before bed.  She made it clear that this is a very important part of the day, and I agree.

The first few weeks we took our walks slow so she could get comfortable with the neighborhood and map out the smells.   Gradually, we widened the route as she became familiar with her surroundings.  Initially wary of dark corners… and a giant inflatable Halloween spider in a neighbor’s yard, she preserved, and overcame these fears in no time!  Honey also made an immediate friend up the street with a golden named Ginger.  They romp and play whenever they can.

Honey and I also completed a basic manners class this fall.  While she naturally exhibited many of the desired behaviors a class teaches (like sitting to get my attention!), she didn’t know any words or signals to associate with this good behavior.  She had a wonderful time in class and excelled while we continued to bond. Now Honey has graduated and has the essential vocabulary for us to advance to more fun classes in 2019.  In the next few months, Honey will learn to swim (wearing a proper life vest of course!). I expect that she will love it, but we will see.

Honey also enjoys daycare and the dog park.  She loves to meet all the dogs, then often hangs back to watch before jumping into the fray with friendly, eager playfulness.  She also enjoys going to work with me.  She makes a lap around the office to greet everyone, and then takes a well-earned nap at my feet.

In short, she is a wonderful match for me.  She is a beautiful, sweet angel and has the sweetest, calmest demeanor.  I can’t thank everyone with GBR and the partners in China enough for saving Honey.  And a special thank you to Olivia Pederson-Hipes and family for their wonderful foster care of Honey that first month after she arrived in the U.S.A.

Selma, now Honey, was adopted on October 22, 2018