We picked up Scotty from his wonderful foster parents, Dallice and David, on December 8.  Scotty was nervous on the 4-hour ride home.  Cars zooming by on the freeway seemed particularly hard for him to deal with.  He settled right in, however, when we reached home in Seattle, and was really excited to meet our daughter who came down from Bellingham to welcome him.  We tried to stick to Scotty’s routines, same feeding times, same food, etc. from his foster home, and I think that helped him adjust.  He had been used to letting himself out through a dog door and had to learn how to signal us if he needed to go out.  In the first week we had two accidents but it has been smooth sailing ever since.

Scotty is a young, high-energy dog who loves to play and seek attention from us.  He had been used to a toy box in his foster home, and we continued that practice.  During the day he pulls out stuffed toys, remnants of stuffed toys, chewing objects and tennis balls, one by one, and busies himself with them, bringing them to us to throw or tug with him.



He’s very affectionate, loving to cuddle or lie on his back and have his tummy rubbed.  Like the other goldens we’ve had in our family, Scotty is a super and happy companion.  It’s great to walk in the door to his greeting.

Leash walking is really the only challenge we’ve had with Scotty, and we are working on that with a trainer at a nearby dog-training school.  We are definitely making progress on that front, which is good.  Living in the city, as we do, going for walks is the main form of exercise, so it is worth putting in time to make it pleasurable for both him and us.







Hi everybody. My name is Scotty (#3087) and  I arrived from China on Halloween night.  Let me tell you, I love it here! I love my foster parents, my food, the other dogs and cats, my bed, my yard, all my balls and toys, did I say food, yeah, I love my food.

My foster parents say I arrived as a hungry wild-child.  But I was so happy to be here I just started soaking up everything my foster parents and brothers and sister were teaching me.  I even listened to the cats.  Now I know I still have to learn a thing or two, but I have grown up so much in just the first 10 days, I wonder how smart I will be in a month!

I am still very much a puppy, though I am told I am about two years old.  My foster mom and foster aunt say I still have puppy fuzz on my head.  I don’t know what they are talking about as I feel pretty darn grown up!  I have learned so much.  For instance, I learned, “leave the cat alone” (they love to snuggle now).  I also learned, “No barking.”  That was kind of hard because I bark when I am scared, and I was scared a lot when I first got here.  I learned, “No begging” and “Down.”  I am still working on “No jumping” and “Come.”  Hey, I am a work in progress.

So, I guess I have to tell you, my biggest fault is that I pull on the leash.  I just get so excited.  But I know I can get better with lots of practice.  Yep.  Practice.  And patience.  I also love to ride in the car and am very well behaved.  But when the car stops, look out.  I am ready to get out and explore.  I guess I am still a bit of a “wild child” in some ways.

I will be happiest with a family or single person who can spend a lot of time with me.  I do okay on my own as long as I have a dog or two to keep me company.  I do not like my crate much, but I can behave if I must stay in it for a short while.  I am a happy, happy boy and am happiest just spending time with my people.  


Boy, I just love it here!  Thanks to everyone for giving me this chance.  I promise to do my best.

Scotty was adopted on December 8, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED