We adopted Willow (formerly Schmittie) in January 2019. We fell in love with her the first time we met her at her foster mom‘s house. She climbed up on the couch between our kids and snuggled in. It was a done deal.

Willow was part of the Beijing 30, who came to the US in autumn 2018. She has a few minor special needs, including partial paralysis on one side of her face. But it doesn’t affect her very much, and our vet said she’s extremely healthy.

Willow is a very cuddly dog, and she really likes snuggling. She absolutely loves her feline brother, who will play with her (when he’s in the mood). But her favorite place is the dog park. She loves playing with the other dogs, and we’ve met several other golden retrievers. She has learned to chase tennis balls and frisbees from her dog park friends. She also loves watching the birds and playing in mud puddles.

We’ve spent a lot of time introducing her to new areas and situations – including local hikes and visits to dog-friendly restaurants. She’s already been to the coast, and we’re planning her first camping trip in a few weeks. And we’ve never seen any dog as happy as she was during our crazy snowstorm. She LOVES snow, and would leap through the snow drifts like a rabbit!

 Willow is doing really well in our training class. She is extremely smart. She might have the ability to be a therapy dog and meet people in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

We can’t walk down the street without someone stopping us to tell us how beautiful Willow is. We tell everyone about Golden Bond and the work they do. She is an ambassador for her golden brothers and sisters, both here and in Asia.





Our experience with Golden Bond was fantastic from the beginning. We were impressed with their thorough process, and everyone was extremely helpful and patient with our many questions. We’d like to thank our fabulous Golden Bond case manager, Dallice, and Willow’s foster mom, Brittany, who spent so much time and energy helping her adjust and heal. And we’d also like to thank everyone who donated to bring the Beijing 30 to Oregon. You all made it possible.

Willow is our first golden retriever, and we couldn’t be happier. People say she was lucky to find us. But we were lucky to find her.





My name is Schmittie (#3082) and I have been in the US since October. My foster parents have a nice big house with a big backyard and 3 other pups just like me to play with. There has been so much for me to learn but I hear that I am a very quick leaner and since I’m a people pleaser I always try my best to listen and understand. My foster mom works with me a lot on not jumping on the counters and I usually try and obey but sometimes the foods just looks so tasty. I have learned that I am supposed to do my business outside but sometimes when my mom goes upstairs and leaves me alone I may have an accident, I am still a work in progress being left alone.  I am kennel trained and that is where I sleep at night and also where I eat my meals. I am basically always hungry and when I see that my golden sister is a slow eater I will try and get her to share her kibble with me. 

One of the best part of my new home is all the TOYS, I love the toys and playing with my foster siblings.  But my favorite part of the day is when my mom gets up in the morning and I get my denta stix (chew stick) and we get to cuddle on the couch. My foster parents said that I’m not “allowed” on the couch but then the other day my mom said “it was a lost cause” which I think means I can get on the couch now. 

I’m a simple pup and I just love life. If I could have my way I would follow my foster mom around everywhere she went. My nick name is Cotton Ball because I’m just a big, soft, cuddly cotton ball that LOVES all people. Everyone who meets me always says the I’m the sweetest most gentle dog. My mom laughs cause even though I am very sweet and gentle I am also a hyper young pup who has lots of energy! 

I can’t wait to find my forever home! 

Oh but also I have some anxiety around new places and stressful situation make me a little sick. But once I adjust I will be just fine.

From my foster Mom:  We are still working Counter suffering.  She is timid in new situations and can have high anxiety. She really loves to chase the ball and play with my younger pup. She is also very sweet and gentle. She is definitely a big lap dog and will be a total “Velcro” dog. This dog is unlike any dog I have ever had and the person who adopts her is basically winning the dog lottery. She would absolutely be a permanent member of our family if we didn’t have 3 other Golden’s already. Schmittie is “worth her weight in gold” as I tell everyone who meets her.

Schmittie was adopted on January 24, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 42 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now