Gracie (aka Sandy) came to us about 5 weeks ago.  She has many names, Amazing Gracie, Goodness Gracie, stretch limo(she is so long as the pics will show). Her favorite activity is what we call a” vehicular walk”. She loves going in the car and she is not interested in walks. So her daily outing is a ride in the car. She loves to get brushed and loved on. She has only been alone in the house 2 hrs since she came.  She is my constant companion. She does well with the cats, but not crazy about them rubbing up against her.  Her mobility has improved with meds.  We love her dearly and are so lucky to have her in our lives.

Sandy was adopted on January 4, 2016.

Sandy’s Available Story:

Sandy 2466bHi! My name is Sandy (#2566) but people call me “Gracie Grasshopper” and I answer to both Sandy and Gracie.  The nickname was chosen by my foster family’s grandsons due to my Taiwan heritage and my beautiful, soft personality.  I have been a foster family member since March 15th and my foster family is reluctantly giving me an opportunity for a new home due to their future move to Montana. This comes with reluctance as I trust my home life, family, sounds, smells, voices, and constant attention and acceptance of me.  I am very sensitive and I hope my next golden family will keep me forever and appreciate my devotion to YOU.

I shared my foster home with a three year old golden named “Joey” and we have bonded – but only when it comes to quiet times. I would do best in a home established with a senior dog with no playing or rough-housing in mind.  The cat in my foster home only mildly interested me.  I do not exercise more than a half of a mile and I will not play ball or interact with toys.  Having being raised in Taiwan, these playful activities and toys were not a part of my existence.

I absolutely adored my foster’s five grandsons and the attention I received from them. I have never growled, scratched, dug holes, chewed, or even barked. I am not a counter surfer nor do I sit on furniture.  My biggest delight is going for rides and responding to “truck truck” as an indication that I can spend time in the backseat sleeping, watching birds, and going for miles on my personal journey without ever leaving the driveway.

Due to an “over bite” hand feeding can be a challenge, but I mean well. My appetite is wonderful and my  “jig” at meal time provides giggles as does my silly backstroke on the floor. I snore!!

A perfect companion in a low key home environment, my family says I am “definitely a hands on Golden and an extremely loyal friend.”

Sex: Female
Age: 7 years
Weight: 66 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted