Samantha (Sammy) (Adopted 12/2008, Passed 02/11/2012)

Sammy was our profile dog, 3-year old female, and beautiful. She became adoptee/foster failure #3. She was a super sweet girl that never strayed further than 10 ft. from our side. We knew she was a keeper when one day Tucker (adoptee #2) gave up his tennis ball to her. He never gave up anything to anyone. Sammy’s favorite things were camping, hiking trails off leash, and chasing tennis balls with her brothers Tucker and Dakota.

She succumbed to fibro sarcoma of the face in February 2012. We continue to miss her.

Brant and Lynn

Tucker (Adopted 11/2007, Passed 05/09/2015)

Tucker was adoptee/foster failure #2. We think he was about 7 years old when he arrived. He had pemphligis (an autoimmune disorder) on his nose. Because of this, his owner was going to put him down. We found it merely a nuisance; sunblock in the summer and bag balm when needed. He made the rounds through several foster homes before landing at ours; he suffered from separation anxiety and was somewhat of an escape artist! After several months with us, one day he put his paw on my knee as if to asked permission to sit on the couch next to me. Once on the couch, he just laid his head on my chest and let out a big sigh. We knew then, he was here to stay. He became one of the sweetest dogs. He loved chasing tennis balls, his sweet sister Sammy, soaking his front paws in the fish pond, and licking your bare feet.

We lost Tucker the Saturday before Mother’s Day 2015. We believe he was 15. He is still missed.

Brant and Lynn