This little cutie, Duff (#3738), came in September 7 from South Korea.   His foster mother described him as “a one in a million dog.”   He’s very sweet, and mellow.  He’s doing great with all the dogs and the cats in his foster home.   He’s about 95% potty-trained.   He sleeps through the night fine in his crate in the master bedroom.   He does not like to be left alone in his crate and will howl if  he can’t see someone.   Duff is also struggling with stairs.  Fortunately, Duff’s foster family is helping him with all of these things.  He is smart and eager to please so should work through them quickly.

Duff has an overbite and has retained all his baby teeth.  The vet mentioned he might need to see a dental specialist so Golden Bond Rescue is checking on this. Duff also has a small hernia from the umbilical cord.

All descriptions above are what we know about this dog when it was first released to GBR. Dogs are typically in foster care for three to four weeks. During that time, we will discover its true personality as witnessed by its particular foster family. The dog’s personality traits may change as it becomes accustom to its new foster home.


Sex: Male
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? unknown