Hi friends and future friends!  I’m Asia (#3284).  I came to America the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m really glad to be here.  I had a pretty good home in China so I know how to live in a house and I love all people.   I like other dogs, too.  I know how to play with kids.  I know how to play with dogs, though I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I get into trouble for playing pretty roughly.  Who knew?  In China that’s just how I learned to play.

Right now, I live with three girl dogs and we all get along fine (even the one that doesn’t play still thinks that I’m okay).  I did growl at a boy Golden when I went to the vet last week.  I knew him, too.  Did we get along together in China?  I can’t remember.  Cats?  That’s a secret.  The lady where I live doesn’t have any cats.  If I see one while we’re out walking, I don’t let on.

Before I came from China my foster was told that I was 2½ years old, but the vet here says that I’m probably 1½.  Maybe I fooled them in China because I’m mostly a mellow lay-around kind of guy.

Hey!  I’m pretty darn healthy!  That’s always nice.  I love to go for walks and have learned to walk on a leash.  I ride really nicely in the car, too.

My good house manners include:  No jumping on people, no stealing anything off of counters, no toileting in the house, almost never doing inappropriate chewing.  I know some commands but only in Chinese.  Once I get the idea of what is wanted, I will sit and stay (for a while) even if you can’t speak Chinese.

One thing.  I will love you – a lot.  I will want to be wherever you are.  I don’t like to be left behind even if I have other dogs with me.  One time, I proved it by damaging the door to the crate in which I was staying.  Since then, “The Lady” takes me with her when she runs errands.  She makes me eat in my crate.  First in the old plastic crate and now in my new wire crate.  Sometimes I go in there to sleep for a while at nap time or bed time.  Door is still left open, thank goodness.

I really haven’t had the opportunity to show how I feel about sharing my food.  The Lady doesn’t feed me close to the other dogs.  I did show how I feel about sharing toys.  Mostly I’m okay but if it’s a new toy that I REALLY LIKE, I want to keep if for myself and I stick up for that.  So, I only get really good toys if the other dogs are not around – like in the car.

I went to the dog wash the other day.  I marched up the stairs into the tub almost like a pro.  I enjoyed the warm water and all of the scrubbing.  What can I say?  I’m WONDERFUL!

Asia was adopted on December 28, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 72 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Older kids
Availability: ADOPTED