Ruth came to our home at the holidays and we celebrated her arrival, introducing her slowly to family and friends. We discovered that she loves small children, following them around and guarding them from harm. In addition, Ruth love her toys and cuddling. As long as she has a baby and people beside her, she is one happy dog. Ruth’s mellow temperament is a perfect match with our older, slightly persnickety terrier, Chip. She’s even convinced him to snuggle!



Our new family has gone on some adventures and Ruth has enjoyed each one. She’s been to the Oregon coast and chased foam on the sand, raced through the forest near Mount Hood and then warmed by the fire, and played in snow. Next to eating, her favorite activities are her daily walks and weekend trips to the dog park. We are convinced she’s the “best dog ever” and a perfect match for our home.








My name is Ruth (#3114) and I am a bundle of energy. My favorite thing is being petted and I just can’t get enough. I love every person that I meet and I just melt in their arms. If you have two hands and can offer hours of rubbing and scratching, you’re my  kind of people.

I do well with my foster’s cat and I fell in love with a seven-year old visitor. I also have a foster brother who I took some time to warm up to.  It seems I have a very assertive play style that isn’t right for every dog. My foster family is cautious with toys and food because I had a hard time sharing at first.

I do great on walks and out in public, and I did great at the groomers. I even let them clean my ears and cut my nails. I struggled with the loud blowers and still get very scared of the vacuum and loud noises on the television at my foster home.

am crated while my fosters are gone and do much better having another dog around to help with my anxiety. I bark and pant less if another dog is also crated versus my being crated alone.

I will need a home where someone is there more than they are not. I won’t do well if i need to be crated a full day. Also, I am very much a chewer, even when my foster family is home, so it’s recommended I be crated when my family is gone to help keep peace in the family.

I am a work in progress and am learning boundaries but am very responsive when told “no” or “leave it”. With some training and a knowledgeable dog owner, I should be on my best behavior in no time because I just want to please.

Ruth was adopted on December 15, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 4 years
Weight: 59 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED