Rue couldn’t be any better. I have never seen such a sweet, smart and happy Golden. She has lost a few pounds slowly, obeys well immediately once she knows what I want, and super affectionate. Loves kids and gets very excited to gets pets and loves from kids of all ages.

Rue and I hit it off in very short order. I have never met such a sweet, loving, smart, eager to please Golden. She is the fifth Golden I have had the pleasure of owning.




We walk at least a mile a day and she thinks that is heaven. We have a park nearby with Filbert orchards on the edges and pastures.  She love her daily 1-2 mile walk and bounces like a puppy when she realizes we are about to go.  After two days all I had to do was tell her to relax and she would sit immediately.  Wonder what relax means in Chinese??

I have never seen a dog watch songbirds or a flock of geese. Her favorite is running in the back yard and she is super fast. I would not change a thing— oh, except shedding- but then I expected that. She is my fifth Golden and the hair is worth it.  Neighbors have told me she is lucky to have me, I figure it is about even.  I live by myself and it is nice to have someone to talk to——

Rue was adopted on December 16, 2018