Rudy #2085

Adopted January 18, 2011

Rudy #2085Rudy’s Available Story

Hello world!!!! My name is Rudy (#2085), and I have been holing up at Charlton Kennels on Sauvie Island, learning a few manners and getting used to being a dog. An elderly gentleman who was moving into a retirement home gave me up when I had a little too much energy for his new setup.

I am a 2- to 3-year-old male who has a lot of fabulous qualities. First of all, take a look at me — I am gorgeous! I am very athletic, and I love to run and play. However, I do know how to calm down when encouraged to do so. Some good training should be a requirement for me, not only to learn appropriate manners but also to bond with my new owners. The trainer at Charlton feels I will bond very quickly with whoever adopts me as I love lots of attention and pets and love to be cuddled.

Speaking of owners, I would be too much for young children. But older ones, 12+, should work out well for me. I am about 75 pounds of fur and energy so older is better.

I am very good with other dogs. I have been known not to pay attention to cats (but this is not absolutely proven). I am totally housebroken, and I will never dirty my bed or dog run. I am manageable on a leash as all the people at Charlton are able to walk me, and I am learning to be better. By the way, they all think I am just about the sweetest dog ever. And of course they would know, as I spend a lot of time with all of them.

So if you are looking for a young energetic male who will give you all the love and attention that Golden Retrievers are known for, then I am your guy. However, I do need to emphasize that I will need time and attention from you to help me be a well-behaved dog. I would like to be in a home where you are not working full time so that I can channel this energy with training, walks, playing, and just good human time. And I must add that I am looking forward to being in a home rather than alone in this dog run.

Please come see me. You will like what you see!