My name is Rose (#3199 ).  I came from China in June.  I’m trying to learn English but it’s hard!  I was pretty scared when I first came, and I get scared again when I go to new places.  If I have a happy dog with me, I get over my silly fears pretty fast.

I am skinny, had (blush) hookworms and infected ears. My tummy kept getting red bumps, too.  My foster mom got that all taken care of and I’m healthy, now, and ready to find a home of my own.

You know what would make me most happy? Having a canine friend to play with and WATER!  I LOVE WATER!  As you can see in the photo below, I even sleep with body parts in the water dish.  Foster mom said that my ears will float on the water in the dish. I can make a real mess when I get a drink, get a drink, get a drink.  Water is just the best!

I also love balls. I will race to get them and bring them back, sort of.

I am good on walks though I do like to wander around a bit to check out what all is out there. First time on a new walk is a bit scary, but if I can see that the other dog(s) aren’t worried I can quit worrying so much, too.

My foster mom says that I’m easy to keep brushed. I have somewhat thin, straight, RED hair.  I’m really pretty.  My legs look sort of stuck-on, kind of like a Lego toy or something.  However, a doggy orthopedist checked me out and said that all is good.  I can run and jump just like Superman and I’m good for nice long walks.

I’ve never gone to a dog park in this country, but my foster mom thinks that I would get along with other dogs just fine. I might be inclined to try to take another dog’s ball which just might get me into trouble.  Otherwise, I love other dogs.

When I came to this country, my eyes were goopy. They feel and look much better now.  However, they need a daily wipe or two just to keep me feeling good.

Okay. I confess.  I have been naughty a time or two.  I do chew cloth and sometimes I even snatch some paper to chew.  I was here for a whole week before I had an accident in the house.  I didn’t really live in a house in China and I’m learning to toilet outside only.  It’s just that sometimes, I can’t wait or I get so busy looking and sniffing around outside that I forget to go until I get back into the house.  I love having you come outside with me to help me remember to “go potty” and to praise me, or even better, give me a tiny treat right after I “go potty”.

I’m affectionate and love being petted. I really like my foster mom’s nine-year old granddaughter who came to visit me every week.

I’m a good, not too fast eater. If I finish my food and someone else isn’t finished with their food, I will gladly help them out.

I’m not a tall girl which is a real draw-back for getting food off the counter. If you would please leave food close to the edge of the counter or table and then walk away, I can help myself very easily.  It’s sad if you accidentally shove food to the back of the counter or the middle of the table because I can’t reach it then.

I’m young and have plenty to learn and plenty of time to learn it.

Hope that if you have another playful, happy dog, you will consider adopting me! Then you would have two playful, happy dogs!

Rose was adopted on July 20, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 49 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED