We lost Grace, the wonder dog, in August of 2018. Grace and her daughter (Rose) came to live with us in December of 2011 and instantly became part of our hearts. She loved to hike the trails, watch for squirrels in the backyard, and remind us it was time for her dinner (yes, she could tell time)! In the morning she would rise bright and early and get everyone up with a happy dance.


Even as arthritis slowed her down she was loving, happy, and engaged. Grace’s motto was “Put me in coach, I’ll try it”. We miss her but she lives forever in our hearts and is still with us through Rose.

Rose continues to do really well as an 80 lb lap dog!


Adopted December 2, 2011

Rose and Grace 2170We found information on Grace and Rose on the Golden Bond Rescue website and were immediately interested. We had previously adopted two golden sisters from GBR and were ready to expand our family again and provide forever homes to new additions. As we read the descriptions of their history and personalities, we became even more interested.

Grace, the mom, is about six years-old and has the sweetest personality though not without a few quirks.  She’s very smart and active, reminding us each day that it’s time for her walk or run and initiating play with her daughter Rose.  She’s also the watcher and keeps an eye on both us and her daughter at all times and seems very aware of everything that is going on.  Her tendency to pull on the leash has been nearly eliminated through training, and she’s very easy and fun to live with as long as we don’t forget about breakfast or supper time.
Rose, the daughter, is about three-plus and is every bit the active young golden.  She’s very athletic and curious but also very tied to her people. For her size and age, she’s amazingly submissive to people and will always roll over for a belly rub. Rose graduated “with honors” from a manners class and has learned to sit, stay, settle, and come quite well. We’re also providing lots of exercise opportunities for Rose which has helped us keep in shape as well.
Both dogs are welcome additions, and we now can’t remember life without them. Living with rescue dogs can take some effort, especially at first, but the training and loving time has been well worth it, and we’re looking forward to many more good times in the future.

Rose and Grace’s Available Story

Rose #2171Hi!  I’m Rose (#2171) and a little bit later you’ll hear from my Mom, Grace (#2170). I’m three years-old and weigh about 70 lbs, which means I still have some puppy in me, and almost everyone who meets me says I am drop-dead gorgeous, and who am I to argue? Mom and I were used as breeding machines by someone until for some reason they got tired of us and dumped both of us in Portland!  Somehow (I don’t remember and don’t like to try to remember) after living on the streets for about two months, Mom and I found our way back to our owner’s house. A neighbor called her son, who called Golden Bond Rescue, and now we are safe and secure in our foster family’s house.

My Mom and I will be adopted out as a matched (well, I think I’m prettier) set because my foster family doesn’t think I would like to be away from my mom, and you know what?  – they’re right, because my mom Grace is the best mom I’ve ever had!  (Funny, though, for some reason she doesn’t say that I’m the best daughter she ever had… ) I get along well with other dogs (I’m very submissive, actually), I like people, including children, and I like traveling with my family in the car. I have a few behavior things you should know about – nothing major. When you come home, I get so excited that I like to jump up on folks, but I’m not terrible about it. When I’m out on a walk and see another dog, I can get overly excited. All my foster mom has to do is to distract me with a treat and I forget about that other dog. Oh, yeah, well, I do a bit of counter-surfing , too, and I’ll dig where there’s a mole or gopher, but those aren’t faults:  those are a dog being a dog. Anyway, I’m a classic “Velcro” golden who would love to join you and my mom in your forever home.

Grace $2170Hello, my name is Grace (#2170) and I’m six and weigh just about 70 lbs, and Rose is one of my daughters, although which number she is I have no idea. I’ve had a bunch of puppies, and my figure has suffered a bit for it, but I’ve toned up a lot since I’ve been here on the farm running around with a bunch of other dogs. Also, when I was brought to Golden Bond after being on the street for so long, my feathering on my tail and rear legs had been cut off, but it’s steadily growing back and I’m looking better every day. Most people who meet the two of us think that Rose is prettier, and maybe she is, but I try to make up for any short-comings in the appearance area by being an excellent dog.  In fact, my foster mom and dad predict that the lucky folks who adopt us will end up loving Rose but adoring me – I’m that sweet!

I like to be with my human mom, and I just quietly lie on the dog bed near her. I have the softest hair you’d ever want to run your hands through, and I like to chase balls and other toys, although I don’t like to give them up and almost always drop them out in the field somewhere. I love Huckleberry (a stuffed cat toy) and when I run around with him in my mouth, I look like I’ve found a big blue crab! I’m not pushy for treats like Rose is, I’m just calm and collected – maybe that comes from having had so many litters. When it’s treat time for all of us dogs, I sit quietly in the back row awaiting my turn patiently. (Guess what?  When you’re nice and calm sometimes you get an extra treat just for being so good!!  Pretty cool strategy, huh?) The bottom-line is that Rose and I are pretty young, really good dogs, and will make you very, very glad you adopted us both.