Hi my name is Rosa. I came to live with Dick and Celine on October 1, 2017. I stayed with Kathleen and Andy for 7 weeks. Andy was fun. Kathleen thought he was the trouble maker- I never said anything but I know the real truth.

After riding from Portland on the floor of the car, I slept most of the next day. Then I discovered these folks are really nice. I get good food. Before each of my 3 walks a day I do a happy dance but then sit to get my leash attached. This house has a deck where the squirrels think they live. I’ve taken care of that. There are plenty of birds and deer to chase, but they won’t let me off leash around the deer. I don’t know why.

The best thing is going to a dog park. I’ve been to about 3 so far. There I can find another shy dog, usually bigger than me. I just nudge them until they are ready to race. Of course, I always win, I’m low and fast.  Some call me a stealth dog. I can be quiet and sneak up on things I want to catch.

I also get to play with Phryne, another Golden Bond dog, sometimes. She can’t keep up with me either. I like playing ball and know how to bring it back in the house. Outside there are too many other things to do rather than play ball.

I don’t look like the other Goldens because I’m a mixed breed. They say I’m part Anatolian Shepherd. That makes me really smart. I can walk on a leash, heel and sit. I am supposed to wait for my food, but I don’t wait too long. They have a comfortable couch here for naps, which I take often. I find sleeping on my back the best. Sorry Dick, no room for you.

Also, I go to work every day. I have a really hard job. Dick drives old people around and I lay on the back seat and get petted. When they go in a store I just nap. Not bad and they pay me for this. Little did I know I was going to be a therapy dog with no training. I’m just good at it.

I am a bit protective of my house. I don’t want people to bother Celine or Dick. I bark at the doorbell. Burke’s are my people and I’m not anxious to share. Life in Bend is better than Taiwan where I lived on the street and got skinny. Now I’ve got a beautiful winter coat and I weigh more. Most folks tell me I’m pretty. So, what else is new. If they will throw a ball for me or bring me a new toy I’m happy.


My name is Rosa (#2875) and everybody says I’m distinctive looking and cute with my black face and honey-colored body. Most people think I’m German Shepherd (face), Golden (neck to tail) and maybe something else that makes me small (34 pounds). I am definitely Golden in personality–loving, cuddly and affectionate.

I am 2 – 4 years old and was rescued in Taiwan as a street dog. I love walks and am good on a leash except when I see a squirrel and then I pull (squirrel!). I am shy when new people approach me, but just give me time … I’m fine with new dogs (big and small) that approach me calmly, but hyper or rambunctious dogs scare me.

The vet says I need to gain 1-2 pounds and that I have no big health issues.

I’ve been catching on very quickly to my training to become an American dog. I already have a pretty good “come/sit,” response to my new name, and am learning “wait” and “OK.” I am fully housetrained and my foster mom gives me an A+ for my car-riding manners. I am very quiet.

A few times at the beginning of foster care, I was left at home with the house dog with no problems. Then I started getting very attached to my foster mom and on my 5th and 6th days, I got upset when she was gone. I pulled pillows, seat cushions, clothes and other things onto the living room floor. I didn’t destroy much (a book and newspaper), but now I stay in a crate when she’s gone and it’s OK. Since those two times, I’ve been left for up to 45 minutes with no crate and have been fine. My foster mom doesn’t think I’ll need a crate forever.

While most of the time I am calm around the house, most days I usually get a spurt of puppy energy. I want to run around the yard, or find and play with every dog toy in the house, or play with my foster brother (who’s not so interested). So in my new home, I’d love if there was another smaller or medium-size dog to play with. No other dog is fine if you have a big area for me to run around in, or other ways to exercise me to use up my playful energy. In my new home, I’d also like lots of doggie toys to play with and stuffed animals to chew on. And please, lots of kisses, snuggles and belly rubs.


From Rosa’s foster mom: Rosa is adorable! This sweet, gentle little girl has been so enjoyable to foster. She has adapted quickly and has been curious and brave in adjusting to a whole new way of life. She already loves normal family dog things–regular meals, bones, bully sticks, peanut butter treats, soft dog beds, dog toys and lots of love. The rescue group in Taiwan said she’s fine with cats, and I think she’d be fine with kids 13+ who understand that Rosa’s timid and they need to be gentle with her. This sweet, loving little dog needs a family to give her more confidence and a playful and carefree life–the life she never had as a street dog.

Rosa was adopted October 1, 2017




Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 34 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 13+
Availability: ADOPTED