Three-year-old Simon is my fourth Golden Retriever. He loves all people and dogs. A true Golden, he inhales his kibbles, so I got him a slow-eater “maze” bowl. He steals clothes, shoes, towels, papers, dining room chair seat cushions, and other objects that he can reach, especially when he is excited or anxious. He is not afraid of anyone or anything. He is a bottomless pit for attention. He is still very puppyish.

When Simon is excited, his tongue hangs out the side of his open mouth. He runs circles in the snow and in the house. He chases his tail. He likes to move his dog bed around the dining room. He shakes his favorite rubber bone and growls at it. He briefly watches TV if a sound or image attracts him.

Simon likes to retrieve but won’t drop the object near me unless I ignore him. I refuse to play tug-of-war. He goes to doggie day care twice a week, which helps with excess energy and socialization. I don’t think that he was walked on a leash in China, but he learned quickly. He needs more training, and I plan to take him to obedience class.

Here is Sir Simon Fluffbottom (he has a lot of feathering, including on the back of his legs).

Simon was adopted on December 18, 2018