This past weekend our beautiful Rocky crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Rocky, aka Rockman, Rock n Roll, Rockstar, Rockefeller, Rockilicious, The Rock, and more, came To White Whiskers Ranch in May 2014, after being lovingly surrendered to GBR by his previous owner. At age 12, Rocky was overweight and plagued with eye and ear infections. With proper veterinary care and adopting the WWR lifestyle, Rocky grew younger every day, with inner puppy emerging.

Rocky taught us all the joy of living for the day, loving unconditionally, making friends with all you meet, and napping in a sunny spot.

Rocky passed peacefully, succumbing to the effects of old age and a life fully lived.

At WWR we provide a final home for geriatric rescue dogs. Rocky is a poster child of success, and our broken hearts are warmed knowing we provided him the best possible retirement.

Thank you Rocky for the joy you brought, and thank you GBR for rescuing these lovable, older dogs.

Rocky is a dear, sweet, older Golden.  You know that look — he can melt a heart with one glance of that beautiful white whiskered face.


And that is exactly what he has done.  He has earned a multitude of names – Rocky, Rockstar, Rockster, Rockman, Rockilicious, Rockyfeller, Rockabilly, and plain old Rock.

Rocky is approximately twelve years old.  He has the classic elder Golden Retriever white face, and with most of his back also fading white with age.  Upon arrival at White Whiskers Ranch in Bend, he was greeted by his fellow GBR dogs Cami #2092 and Sarge #2668, in addition to Dalmatians Rosie, Lily, and Maggie.  Yes, a six-pack of adorable older dogs known as The Sensational Six.


Rocky initially had a difficult time walking, standing, and negotiating the three steps into his new forever home.  Prompt veterinary care cleared up chronic eye and ear infections, and a healthy, balanced diet took off a few extra pounds.  With time and patience, Rocky has returned to good health and regained a degree of his puppy exuberance.  At first hesitant to venture into water, he quickly remembered to swim like a Golden, chase balls, run with the pack, and venture wide and far across his fenced ten acres. Rockstar

Rocky loves affection.  He is a classic Golden “leaner,” and loves any sort of attention which may come his way.  Although he needs help in the car (being nervous about the dog ramp), he loves to travel.  Rocky loves his pack mates.  He is a follower, and loves to shadow chores around the ranch.

Rocky senses he has a new life, and takes every advantage of the sunshine, warmth, open areas, and canine companionship.  He arrived as a sweet older fellow and is now a contented and happy sweet older fellow.  Thank you Golden Bond for enriching the life of not only Rocky, but us, his adopted and loving family.

Ken & Audrey

Rosie, Lily, Cami, Sarge, Maggie, and Rockstar