We always wondered what Rocky’s life was like in Taiwan. We know he was loved, he was such a wonderful dog.

We fostered Rocky who came to us after being very ill. An awesome volunteer took care of Rocky and did miracles with his recovery. She deserves so much credit for getting Rocky well enough so he could come to us. Rocky was our 9th golden and our 4th from Golden Bond.  Several months earlier I was looking at the Golden Bond website and saw Rocky was up for adoption. I said that if we could get another dog, it would be Rocky. We just loved the way he looked. So, you can see our delight when we had a chance to get him.

Rocky did have some health and physical challenges. When we first got Rocky, he had difficulty going up any stairs.  But as time went on, there was never a problem. We always used a ramp when he would get in and out of the car. No long walks, but we would start every day by going to the park and taking several short walks. Rocky’s best time was always the morning. He would wake us up by coming to each side of the bed giving us kisses. Than he would get one of his stuffed animals. He came with one and at the end he had over 40 stuffed animals and balls. I think we liked buying them as much as Rocky liked getting them. Whenever I came back from the store, I always had to get one of his toys and put it in the bag. He would just sit there and wait until I give to to him. He seemed to like the stuffed pig the best. He would usually roll all over the rug and pull out all his toys before breakfast. Than it was out to the park. He would run down stairs and do circles because he was so happy.

Rocky loved when people came over. Rocky would always greet them with something in his mouth doing his “golden thing”. Sometimes he would sit next to us with this big smile on his face. We felt like he was showing us off. Rocky was also car crazy. He had a problem standing up and looking out the window. So, we had it set up that when he was laying down in the car, it was high enough so he could still look out the window, which he loved. Rocky really enjoyed 5pm-6pm, dinner time. He would go from one to the other hoping something might drop on the floor. Rocky also did home visits with me for Golden Bond Rescue. He was a great representative for Golden Bond and all their dogs. Twice the families asked me if Rocky was available for adoption. Way to go Rocky. He came such a long way to get here. He was a great dog.

We loved all our dogs. And all of them were special in a certain way. But Rocky is the most difficult loss. I think with all his challenges we became so close. But most of all he was a loving, sweet dog. We were so lucky to have him in our life. We gave him every day, hundreds of kisses and hugs. He trusted and loved us.

Good bye Rocky, we love you.


Rocky was adopted on April 18, 2016.

Rocky’s Available Story:
Rocky 2653aHi Friends, I’m Rocky (#2653).  I’m 4-6 years old and I came from Taiwan.  I’ve been in the USA for about a month, and let me tell you, I LOVE it!  There are so many wonderful things.  Tennis balls, toys, dog beds, car rides, walks, and food are some of my favorites.  I always greet my foster family with a toy in my mouth and a wagging tail.  I’m pretty chill at home, content to lay at someone’s feet or on my dog bed.  Unless you are eating something tasty.  Then I’ll sit with my nose as close as I can get, hoping I get a sample.  I’m so happy to go for walks around the neighborhood.  I don’t pull at my leash, but sometimes I like to grab it in my mouth to help with the walk.  I can be left home alone, and I won’t put up a fuss.  Like I said, I’m pretty chill.

I want to let you know about two things.  First, since being in Portland, I have been treated for an ear infection and a hot spot.   My foster parents give me Zyrtec, but I’m still itchy.  My allergies will still need to be worked through.  Rocky 2653Secondly, I want to be an only dog.  I tried hanging out with a friend, but I didn’t want anything to do with her.  When I meet dogs on leash, I am fine though.  My foster parents think it would be a good idea for me to continue meeting dogs in controlled environments so I can get more comfortable with them.

On the behavior side, I’m really a good boy.  I know how to sit to wait for treats or have my leash put on.  When my foster parents give me my meals, we’ve been working on staying until I get the go ahead.  I love being brushed, and I don’t mind a bath.  There are a few things I do that my foster parents think are really funny and cute.  When I get excited, I’ll run in circles!  During belly rubs, I kick with both feet.  If you blow gently in my face, I’ll give you kisses back. I like to charge up before going upstairs, like Sonic the Hedgehog.  To sum it up, I’m a loving, mellow, and nice golden boy.  Will you give me a furever home?Rocky 2653b

Sex: Male
Age: About 4 - 6 years old
Weight: 66 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No; Cats: No; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted