Rocky is quite the character (seen on left with his sister, Kona) and we love him to death. He is very vocal and doesn’t hesitate to let us know what he wants and when (usually right now). He is a laid back easy going dog who is very comfortable hanging out with us. He sleeps in his bed next to ours and comes up onto the bed to visit but respects that this space is for Kona. He is very excited and happy to have a new sister and he gets along terrifically with her at home, on leash and at day care. Our world wouldn’t be the same without Rocky in it.

Rocky was adopted on February 25, 2014.

Rocky 1416B

Rocky’s Available Story:

Hi, my name is Rocky (#1416). I’m about nine years old, but you wouldn’t know it as I still have the playful energy of a puppy and the good health to be rockin’ quite a few more years. I truly love people & will bring a favorite toy to everyone who walks through the door. Once my humans sit still though, my favorite thing is to just be close and snuggle (belly rubs especially appreciated). I have a favorite blanket or two that I like to be close to and will drag them to bedtime or to crate with me for comfort as well.. (my favorite cartoon character obviously is Charlie Brown’s Linus).

As you can see by my dark-rimmed eyes and brown ears, I may be mixed with sheltie or some other herding breed. Personally, I think this just increases my cuteness factor immensely! With this little herding instinct though I will be better off with older kids (small running kids & cats may excite me a bit too much, though I would never intentionally hurt anyone.) I did learn to respect my foster family cat’s territory though, so with a little training & time things could work out fine in a cat home too. I came from a home with a Lab brother & get along well with my current foster Lab brother, so other family dogs are not a problem. I do tend toward a little barkiness with strange dogs, neighbor cats & squirrels, so will just need a little extra training, patience, and understanding to get through this.

Rocky 1416CMy life indeed at times has been a little “rocky” as I was originally found as a stray in Clackamas County. It’s possible that this rough start made me little overprotective toward my food and toys. After a few weeks of training and work with my foster family however, my trust has grown immensely and my “inner zen” dog is shining through. My foster mom says that I have all those charming qualities that we love in goldens, plus just enough “sprite” to keep life interesting.

Once I find my forever family match, my sweetness will surely shine through & I’ll be a devoted friend for life!



Sex: Male
Age: 9 years old
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: yes, Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted