I had a Golden Retriever growing up and couldn’t wait until I had the time and space for my next Golden as an adult! As a rescue from China, Han has taken some time to settle into his new surroundings. For the most part, he has worked through his separation anxiety and overcome a lot of his triggers. He LOVES to go for walks, jogging (for short spurts at least, until he smells something intriguing), hiking and car rides. He doesn’t like to walk through puddles or mud, prefers not to be outdoors if it’s raining too hard and likes to fetch only when he is the mood…which so far, is rare. He loves blankets, pillows and chew toys. He used to gently steal my blankets in the middle of the night, now he has a few of his own! He is also a big fan of paper, so all books, magazines and mail are kept out of reach.

It was obvious that Han was previously trained, he just needed help reinforcing those behaviors. It was relatively easy to get him back into the swing of things with the help of a couple of training sessions and utilizing his treat motivation. I’ve even taught him a couple new tricks: roll over and dance. Han does very well with his two feline sisters and all the visitors he’s had (including babies and toddlers)! It was important to me to find a pup that would immediately do well with cats and small children, and Han has been perfect. He also wins over the hearts of everyone he meets, including the Vet’s office and the local pet store/groomer.

Han had a chronic wound on his tail from his previous life in China that did end up requiring partial amputation of his tail, despite our alternative efforts. He has fully recovered and is a much happier pup now, not having to be on medication or wear a bandage every week with a cone! His feline sisters are typically close by, but kept a particularly close eye on him during his recovery.

Han gets the most excited when I come home. At first it was difficult to get through the front door, but now he calmly lets me get in the door, waits to be petted, then leaps for joy and runs full speed into the house. I am very lucky to be Han’s forever home! Thank you GBR for bringing us together.



Hi my name is Ringo (#3110). I am a already a pretty big guy, around 75 pounds, but will most likely be about 85 pounds when I grow up.  I am a deep red Golden color. I moved in with my foster family a couple of weeks ago. I had a little sore in my tail from being in a crate for quite a time. I accidentally hit my funny little tail on things when I am excited. I will have a beautiful golden tail when all the hair grows back.

My foster siblings are nice to me. We have sniffed a lot; we all really enjoy sniffing. I love sleeping next to my foster mom. She calls me a big lug. (What’s a lug?) I met the cats and they don’t excite me too much but foster mom says she wouldn’t turn me loose with them yet. I think maybe I haven’t been raised with cats so need time to adjust.

I love people and their hands rubbing behind my ears. I could sit next to them for that all day.  I put my paw on my foster mom when we are asleep. I have a nice off-the-floor dog bed with a soft blanket. I’m quiet all night. When I first arrived from China, my nights and days were turned around so I asked to go out during the wee hours (pun intended) but in no time at all I now do my stuff every morning and again at night before bed.  My foster mom says it took me no time at all to fall into  a new routine. She says I’m a good boy.  I’ll let her talk now.

A word from Ringo’s foster mom: I want all potential adopters to know that Ringo is a wonderful, typical, calm (most of the time) Golden. He will do very well as an all-the-time house dog. Left alone, he has not chewed up anything except the bandage on his tail a few times. (Yum.) He stays quiet while we are gone but gets pretty excited when he hears us at the door and he barks until we greet him. (I know this as I’ve watched our cameras.) He is very smart and quickly catches on to what we ask. He prefers not being left alone so if there is any chance to stay close to him for a while after his adoption then he would probably adjust very well.

I want this big beautiful traditionally red Golden Retriever to find that special person dedicated to loving him for the rest of his life. He definitely deserves the best home.

Ringo was adopted on January 1, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 75 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Maybe; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED