When I was in Golden Bond foster care, my name was Ringo.  My permanent family renamed me Joey when I was adopted on Oct. 29, 2015.  Sometimes when I create a little mischief, they call me Joseph.

Steve and Donna:

Joey is our 8th Golden Retriever and 5th from Golden Bond.  We lost our last Golden in March 2015 and what a void, until Joey joined our family.  His favorite chew toys are magazines, T-Shirts, shoes, and our youngest grandson.  He occasionally will chew on a dog toy.  Golden Bond informed us Joey is between 2 and 3 years old, not knowing his exact birth date. We decided his birth date will be July 4th.  We are so blessed, thank-you Golden Bond.

Joey is full of energy, loves to play and especially enjoys being brushed.  He receives an abundance of attention and will occasionally volunteer “crate time” to avoid so many hugs.  Joey just graduated from Beginner Obedience training and during training sessions he hammed it up pretty well and became a favorite of the trainer.  He is now ready for Intermediate classes and will soon be continuing his “education.”  He is a handful and just what we expected from a Golden as he is much loved.  Thanks again, Golden Bond!

Ringo was adopted on October 29, 2015.

Ringo’s Available Story:

Ringo 2619aHi, everyone!  My name is Ringo (#2619) and let’s get some other basic facts and figures out of the way:  I am about two years-old, 83 lbs. (I look sorta chubby, but the vet says I’m pretty much OK weight-wise), “Irish setter red,” and quite handsome, if I may say so.  I spent most of my life before coming to Golden Bond Rescue tied to a tree in a backyard, but I don’t look back on those days.

The two most important points in the first paragraph are: 1) I was tied up a lot, and 2) I’m two.  So, the biggest thing to know about me is that I am very much a puppy and I am still learning what is and isn’t acceptable dog behavior.  For example, I have learned that not everything in someone’s hand is a toy for me and that I’m not supposed to jump on people when I’m excited. My foster folks think that I have made excellent progress in the two weeks I have been here, although on occasion I still “fall off the wagon,” whatever that means. They say that I am quite smart, and that I have “settled down” a bunch from when I first got here.

I really am a good-hearted boy who gets along with all of the other dogs here.  I play too hard sometimes and the others let me know emphatically (I have a good vocabulary for a puppy, don’t I?!?), but we never get into fights.  I love to play chase, tug-o’-war, and can probably be trained easily to fetch, if you’re into that.  If you would like working with a young, energetic dog who will become a joy, I may well be your boy!

A Note from Ringo’s Foster Folks:  Other than being a puppy, the key thing to know about this boy is that he’s quite insecure.  We expect him to be ill at ease the first few days in a new home, but he should begin settling down quickly once he senses that a routine is in place.  “Velcro dog” fits him perfectly:  you’ll learn to look before you walk.  Ringo is pretty food-motivated so training him should be fairly simple; he would definitely benefit from formal obedience training. He would also benefit from having a somewhat older dog to play with and learn from, although this is not an absolute requirement.  An added bonus is that once the lights go out, he sleeps through the night.  For the family with patience, willingness to put in time training him, and experience with young dogs, Ringo will almost certainly prove to be one of the best dogs you’ll ever have.

There is much, much more to share about Ringo so if he looks like the boy for you, let your Adoption Manager know.

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 83 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted