Arthur (Reggie, 2339) passed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 18, 2014. His time with us was rich, loving, playful and blissful. He was a wise and elegant older gentleman when he came into our lives. He taught us about deep love and connection.  Arthur connected and responded with such grace and gentleness in all his encounters. In his gentlemanly way, Arthur talked (he was always clear what he wanted!) and frolicked in a deliberate manner.  He placed his head in open hands, extending love, and friendship to whoever graced his path. Arthur, you are the Magical King of Blissful Dogs. We miss cuddling, walking and playing with you. You will remain in our hearts forever.  Thank you for being a big loving presence in our lives.

Reggie was adopted March 29, 2013.

Reggie’s Available Story:

Hi, I’m Reggie (# 2339). I’m one of those handsome red Goldens (with a little bit of white in my face which, if I do say so myself, looks good on me). When Golden Bond took me into their care, I was dirty, smelly, matted and very sad. But once I was taken to the vet’s office, got all cleaned up and received some TLC, I quickly turned back into my very happy dog self. I think the people at the vet’s office were quite smitten with me.

I have to admit that I’m quite overweight right now (93 pounds), so my foster mom and I have been walking everyday. And truth be told, she has been a bit stingy with the food. But I can tell that I am beginning to slim down and am looking pretty darn handsome. I’m feeling better too. She says that I am a great walker and never, ever pull on the leash (unlike my foster brother). Because I’m overweight right now, I have to be helped into the car (you have to lift my ample rump cause I can’t quite get it up there) – especially if it is a high car like my foster mom’s. But when I get slimmer (my goal is 75), I bet I’ll be able to jump right in. I like going for rides.

I’ve have excellent manners – I never get on the furniture (why would I since I have a wonderful soft bed?), I don’t chew on anything but my toys, when handed treats I take them very gently, and I always ask to go potty outside by doing my little potty dance. When my foster mom doesn’t recognize my dance cue, I talk to her in my RRRRrrrrrooooouuuu – RRRRrrrrrooooouuuu voice (which translates to “I want something”), and she finally figures it out. Oh, and I’m learning to wait until I hear “OK” before I eat my meals. My foster mom is delighted how well I’m doing with this. She tells me all the time what a delightful boy I am. This makes me sooooo happy, because I really aim to please.

Reggie 2339I make my foster mom laugh a lot. She thinks I’m pretty funny because when I get excited about playing with my toy or something I “talk” to her and happily jump around. I may be a senior citizen (like maybe 8-10 years old), but I love to play. One of my favorite things is playing with the tug toys in my foster home. And sometimes I just grab a toy, lay on my back and chew on it, happily entertaining myself and making those noises my foster mom likes so much.

I really like dogs of all sizes and cats don’t bother me either. At first I was a little curious about the cat, but then she became old news. She comes up to me and sniffs my nose and sometimes head butts me. At first this puzzled me, but now I know she’s just letting me know that she kinda likes me. I kinda like her too.

Oh, one thing I should mention is that I have a very large lipoma on my side. It’s just kind of a fatty growth – it doesn’t hurt me or anything – I just take it in stride. Sometimes people ask about it, but my foster mom just lets them know that it doesn’t hurt me and it’s no big deal.

Because I am a senior citizen, it would be best if I go to a home where my family members are 10 years old or older. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve heard it said that the lucky person who gets to adopt me will have an absolutely wonderful and entertaining companion for life. Are you the lucky person?

Adoption Fee: $100 + $35 microchip fee

Sex: Male
Age: 8-10
Weight: 93
Availability: Now