My name is Red (#3295) and my foster parents say that I am, “a sweet old soul” and that I have been “an absolute treasure to host.” I like to think that’s true. My foster parents picked me up at the Humane Society of Central Oregon on December 9th. I was surrendered by a family that could no longer care for me or my three pack-mates. One of them was either my mother or sister, I can’t really recall, but she had to be put down due to a large mass in her abdomen. So, between my transition to the shelter and then to a foster home, I experienced a lot of loss and change in a very short timeframe.

I met my foster sister, Roxanne (Roxy), when my foster parents first picked me up and we have gotten along well since the very beginning. Our relationship is one of pack mates, but we don’t interact much as Roxy is 10 and I am 11 and we are beyond that playful puppy stage. We are still getting to know one another but accepting of each other. We enjoy two-a-day walks of about 1 to 1.5 miles which seems perfect for us. I don’t tug on leash and have that “Velcro” tendency of walking along very close to my person. I am good at outdoor restaurants and welcome rubs, tugs and tickles from people no matter where I am.

I am very hard of hearing and will need an adoptive person(s) or family that understands and keeps close tabs on me since recall could be a safety issue for me. During my first week in foster care, I had to have four teeth removed, but I have fully recovered and now I am on a diet of kibble with water and can eat hard treats with no problem. Last week my foster parents found a benign lipoma on my left foreleg which should be monitored. I also show some emerging osteoarthritis so could benefit from a canine joint supplement.

I am a “rufferee”. When meeting other dogs, I tend to grumble and bark until we all pass the doggy sniff-test. Then I settle in a bit but still can tend to be vocal when there are other dogs around, more so with males than females. Interestingly, I haven’t grumbled, growled or barked once in the house. Which reminds me, I have not had a single accident inside the house since my foster parents picked me up.

I settled right in with a new dog bed on the first night. Recently, my foster parents have left their bedroom door open and I now tend to migrate out to the living room and split time between the dog bed and the sofa, which is not an issue for them or me. I was raised a house dog and am very comfortable in all rooms of the house. I have only once tried to jump on the bed, but my fosters discouraged that behavior. I can be easily told to get off the sofa and I am comfortable on the floor. But, when my foster parents are away, I sleep wherever I want. I do not suffer from separation anxiety.

I am comfortable in a dog harness and strap when riding in the car. I tend to want to sit rather than lie down and look out either the back or side windows. After a while, I will lay down and enjoy the ride.

I am not at all destructive at my age and don’t often play/chew toys unless my Kong is filled with peanut butter or some other tasty treat. At 61 pounds, I am in good shape and have a bounce to my step when on walks. My one cup twice-a-day feeding satisfies me and keeps me in shape. I am small for a male Golden and almost exactly the same size as Roxy.

Speaking of Roxy, we had a recent spa day together.  I was unkempt and full of mats before the appointment, but came out nicely trimmed and, frankly, handsome. I had a mani, pedi, cut and dry. The groomer didn’t think I had ever been to a spa before. She thought I wasn’t very cooperative on the table and wouldn’t sit still and wanted off. I’ll be better next time as I get more used to the pampering.

My foster parents’ attempts at training me haven’t been very successful since I am so docile and hard of hearing. I do “sit”, for like 3 seconds, and then bounce back up. I get bored with repeated attempts to get me to obey and, frankly, it isn’t a huge issue since I am quite happy just lounging around.

If you have a less active lifestyle and are looking for a good companion who enjoys being close to you, following you around the house, sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for food to drop and walking the neighborhood or local trails, I am the dog for you. Another dog in the home would be ideal for a home alone companion since I have always been in a multi-dog family. I have not been exposed to cats or children recently, but I don’t think I would have a problem with either. I am a people-dog first and foremost.

Red is being adopted by his foster family

Sex: Male
Age: 11 years
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now