Hello there, my name is Rascal (#2801).  I will explain later why I am a rascal, but for now know that I am ten years old, and very healthy and active and get along with people and most dogs as long as I am well introduced and they are not in my face.  When meeting other dogs I am curious, tail wagging and the typical Golden Retriever.   You would never guess me to be 10 as I don’t look or act it.  I do love my walks and being out and about.  I love to carry people’s fuzzy slippers around the house but never chew them up so perhaps fuzzy toys would be best.

I do tend to be very possessive of my food and toys.  To keep me calm and settled, I would probably be best in a home with no other dogs as I don’t want them getting into my food or toys.  People  also should be aware not to bother me when I am eating.  I love to chase cats so not the best idea to have cats around either.  So you can see I am a special boy who has some special requirements.

My other special requirement and why rascal fits me is that I can be a rascal around children.  They make me nervous with their activity and noise.  Children don’t understand the signals I try to give them to please leave me alone so it is best that I am not around children at all as I might react in a way I should not.  I have tried to let unknown children know this but when they don’t pick up on it then I growl and can snap as well.

I am a very loving boy who loves to be near you for all the attention you can give me so I have a very typical Golden personality of loving people and attention.  I would be a good pal for a person who loves jogging and hiking as I do enjoy being active.  I can also be by myself in the house so even someone who works should not be a problem.  Even a single person who is fairly athletic who comes home from work can love on me and then we can go out for our exercise.

I hope you are the person for me as I would love to be in a home as described above.  Love, Rascal

Rascal was adopted on November 2, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: 10 years old
Weight: About 57 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No; Cats: No; Kids: No
Availability: Now