Hi, my name is Quinn (#3551) and I came from China in mid-2021.  I was shaved in China before my flight to help my skin heal, so right now I look a little bit like a lion.  My foster parents say I am a beautiful red color and will look so handsome when my hair grows back!  I am about 3 years old, but I still act like a puppy most days!  I live with my foster brother and foster mom and dad.  My foster parents tell me how much of a good boy I am on my leash, even if sometimes I get nervous when I see something new and do a small growl or bark.  Once I check out the new things, I am much happier.  My foster brother and I like to wrestle, play with balls and squeak toys.  I am a good sharer of toys, but sometimes steal my foster brother’s toys because they look better than the ones I have.  I’ve even gotten to go to the river with my foster family and tried swimming a bit!

I have a good routine down in the morning that involves having breakfast, a quick sniff around the yard to go potty and then we play at the park.  I have lots of energy in the mornings so playing at the park or going on a walk helps me get all that out.  After that, I usually take a good long nap the rest of the day and relax with my foster dad while he works. I am a very cuddly boy and will sit on your lap or lay down next to (i.e., on) you on the couch or bed if you let me.  I love head and butt scratches.
I’m still learning commands, like sit and come and wait.  Since I am learning, I don’t always get what my parents want me to do.  I definitely know how to ask for attention by either sticking my face or paw on you.  Or with a good bark.  I do a great job of sticking nearby on walks or at home, as I don’t like to wander too far from my people.
Speaking of barking, my foster parents tell me I’m a very vocal boy.   I am still adjusting to my new life, so lots of things are unfamiliar to me, and I get a little nervous about them, especially at home.  I’m very happy I have a safe and comfortable place to call home, so I am a bit protective of it from all these strange noises and people. I make sure I let my foster parents know when something outside makes me nervous.  They are helping me understand that nothing is going to hurt me at home, but sometimes I’m still not sure, so I bark to let them know I’m nervous.
My foster parents crate trained me so when I do get too worked up they give me a treat and have me lay down in my crate so I feel safe and relaxed.  Lots of times at night I’ll just go in on my own to sleep.  But I’ve recently learned about these really soft things called beds and am starting to prefer those at night.
My foster parents say I’d be really happy having another brother or sister to play with and learn good habits from like I have my foster brother.  I do get a little mouthy with my foster dad when I get excited and want to play so he says little kids under 10 probably aren’t best for me.  I’ve never met any cats, so I can’t tell you if I’d be good with them or not.  I definitely need a family who has time and patience to work on training and has the energy to keep up with me!
Adoption fee:  $900 plus $35 microchip fee
Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? yes