Hi, my name is Sadie.  Mom tells me it used to be Questa.  I came from China and came in with the “Q” group.  Soon after I got here I met my mom.  She came with two others and welcomed me.  I think my tail wags let them know how much I liked them.  I slept all the way home (about 2 hours).  I guess that long plane ride wore me out.  They said I weighed a little too much and they used a ramp to get me out of the car but I just sort of slid out.  I guess I didn’t exercise much in China.  Since then mom has bought other ramps for me.  I use a ramp to get into bed each night where I sleep with my mom.

I first met my mom on June 21.  When I came to the USA,  I weighed 70 pounds and sort of just waddled around.  My hair was badly matted.  Mom had me groomed and she and the vet put me on a diet.  I don’t really like the food much but I am now down to 54 pounds and looking good.  I can even run now! I love walking with mom each day and going for rides pretty much whenever the car leaves.  If I am home alone I have dog doors that lead to a fenced yard so I can take care of myself.  I learned to use them quickly if I do say so myself!

I love people and other dogs, even cats and chickens.  When out in a crowd I sit in front of people and then they usually understand I need to be petted.  This Halloween I dressed like a lion and mom took me to Home Depot to show me off. 

When I arrived in Portland, they told my mom I was 6 years old but they were not sure.  Mom says sometimes now I act like a puppy!  I have even gotten the “zoomies”.  When we watch TV Mom lets me sit on her lap and sleep.  She calls me “her sweet girl”.  So I guess I have it pretty good here.

Questa, now Sadie was adopted on July 20, 2018