Marley (formerly Queenie) is such a delightful girl! She came to us from Beijing with an uncertain age and history, but Marley had a wonderful GBR foster home to get her started in the U.S. They got her into beautiful shape and she has adjusted so well. In addition to being a charmer, Marley is also clearly smarter than her loveable lump of a brother. Bentley is another Chinese GBR rescue who seemed totally lost after the death of our last sweet golden girl. Now Marley’s here: large and in charge! Although she’s 20 pounds smaller, Marley is the leader of our little pack. Her favorite hobby is going from desk to desk at the office to get loves (an probably too many treats) from all our staff members. Up there on the Marley’s list of favorite things to do is to snuggle with daddy on the sofa, go for daily walks in the woods (she’s very scent oriented), and get brushed. She’ll push Bentley out of the way in order to be combed. Her other chief talent is peeling tennis balls and shredding toys, but Marley’s smart enough to distinguish toys from non-toys and so we let her have her fun. We’ve gone through a lot of toys! From day 1, Marley’s exhibited perfect house manners and learns very quickly. We’re so grateful to have this happy girl in our lives.

Laura and Robert

This beautiful golden girl arrived just in time for the holidays. Marley (formerly known as Queenie) arrived from Beijing a few months ago with a typically vague history. We renamed her Marley—not after that destructive Labrador of movie fame—but after one of Dicken’s ghosts, our little Christmas present.

Marley’s age has been estimated to be between 7 and 8 years. Her GBR fosters got her into beautiful condition after a rough start in life in China. Marley is one of the smartest goldens we’ve ever had and learns very quickly. Her house manners are impeccable, and she seemed insulted that we felt the need to show her the dog door and where to go to do her business. “I’ve got it, thank you very much, and I know what to do.”

Much brighter than her GBR brother (8-year-old Bentley), she’s clearly the boss and that’s okay with him. Bentley lost his longtime GBR sister (Gracie) about a couple of months ago and had been moping around ever since. He doesn’t do well as an only child. At first simply fascinated by her, Bentley has now full accepted Marley into his pack. They hang out together and compete in friendly doggy ways for toys, love, and attention. Marley has introduced Bentley to the joys of shredding toys, even the dog-proof ones! But she’s smart enough to distinguish toys from shoes, clothes, etc. and hasn’t touched anything she’s not supposed to have.

Marley quickly learned our routines, our walking route, and where home is. Only a week after arrival, the Orkin guy accidentally let her out of the house. She trotted around to the back gate and sat there waiting to be let back in. Marley is well-behaved on walks and LOVES chasing tennis balls, but her favorite activity is sitting on the sofa snuggled up with her people.

Marley is a great office dog and every weekday morning she greets each employee on arrival. We’ve dubbed Marley and Bentley our company’s Chief Wellness Officers for the important role they play in spreading cheer to everyone on staff. We are blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives.

你好,我 的名字


hǎo, de míngzì shì Queenie (#3037)!!

Translation:  “Hi, my name is Queenie (#3037)!!!  I arrived in the USA from China August 22.”

I am a 7-8 year old, female, currently weighing in at about 80 pounds.   With the help of good nutrition, daily walks, wrestling matches with my fur brother and constant love and positive attention, I have lost 5 pounds since I arrived, my fur is growing back in soft and pretty and my eyes are clear and bright.

I’m a very quick learner, so quick that my first night at 2:00 a.m., I watched my foster brother Teddy go out the dog door and I followed right behind him – that was fun!  I always watch him to learn what to do and that has been very helpful in my transition.

My GBR name is Queenie, but my foster folk call me Gracie (which I respond very well to!).  Gracie Lou Freebush to be exact. The name has something to do with Sandra Bullock’s character in the Miss Congeniality movie.  Why?  Well, if you remember the movie, at the beginning she was unkempt, rough around the edges, very little manners, etc. but through a “team of professional stylists” she blossomed into a beautiful young lady full of energy and spunk with good manners. Well, that is exactly what has happened to me!  

I’m finally eating better, I get brushed a lot and LOVE that.  We go for walks – 2 miles a day and I’m getting better at that distance.  I walk really well on the leash and have a gentle leader chest harness because I squirmed out of my collar once.  (In my defense – it was at a lake and there were ducks!)  I have lots more to say but only because I’m so excited to talk about the new me!!!  I’ll let my foster tell you more.

From Queenie’s foster:  She is an absolute love bug!!!  She loves to snuggle and be around people. She is not fazed by other dogs and has been involved in many dogs coming to the house after their arrival from China over the last month.  Only once did she bark at another dog and it was because he was in her space.  

She loves toys – all sorts of toys – and is a master shredder of said toys. She will retrieve whatever you throw and prance back with it, but not always give it up. She is very proud of her retrieving.

Her activity level is medium, she would love having a playmate, one that is playful but not over the top play and wrestle all the time – she loves it but Teddy could wrestle all day and she loves her breaks!!!

It is unknown how she will do as a single dog, she’s always had another dog around.  As far as cats, really don’t know but my guess is she might make a move based on how she was determined to get the ducks at the lake. And as a bonus to that lake outing, we found she does like to swim and will retrieve anything thrown in the water.  

She does have a little bit of arthritis, not anything bad, and it certainly does not slow her down – when we play ball out back, she runs neck and neck with Teddy, and beats him every time.

We really don’t know if she is house trained because she caught on to the dog door within hours of being here so she just goes outside as needed. She may need additional training if you do not have a dog door.

She is truly an all-around sweet girl, loves her snuggles.  I think someone who works from home, has another mid-age dog for her to play with and will take her on short walks is an ideal situation.  We don’t know how she is with children either.  She doesn’t seem fazed by loud noises like the vacuum.  

Queenie is truly a diamond from a rough area!

Queenie was adopted on December 15, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 7-8 years
Weight: 80 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED