They say that for every door that closes, a new one opens. Cliched, but so true!

When we lost our beloved Golden Bond dog, Bailey, after eleven years this past January, we were all at a loss. The house seemed to reverberate loneliness and it hit us each in different ways. My daughter missed a buddy to curl up with while reading. My husband said the same about TV watching and remarked often how empty our TV or bedroom felt without a curled up pup. My son was especially close to Bailey and he felt the pervasive loss of a dear friend.

And I, who so glibly celebrated that I’d escaped the funk that usually comes when small kids first go off to school full-time, was suddenly hit a dozen years later with the full burden of feeling somewhat daytime childless. My third child, the canine one, was gone, and  I missed everything about having a dog at home, especially in all of life’s small moments. My Bailey was my walk mate in the neighborhood. A constant companion in the kitchen. An co-captain for errands.  An avid giver and receiver of affection.

As we mourned all spring, all I could think of was our empty dog bed. And that closed door.

And then along came Porter.

Porter is a three year old from Beijing, and we’ve since learned that he was the companion of a caregiver who lost his job (and his home) when his senior care patient died. He was surrendered to Golden Bond by his owner (hence avoiding the stress of street life or worse) and after a short stay with a foster family in China, he landed with a GB foster family in Vancouver, WA. There he lived for about a month (with their three other Goldens) while he got his shots, and acclimated to life in the U.S.

His foster dad, a lifelong Golden lover, said that Porter was so relaxed from the get go that he could have been adopted out right away (had he not needed to stick around for vaccinations and cleared by doc visits).  He also warned me before we met him for the first that to meet him was to fall in love with him — and he was right. My entire family went to meet Porter early May and within five minutes we knew that he was the right pup for us. He was goofy, and sweet, and he just emanated joy, pure and simple.

So that so-called door did in fact open for us — and one big headed, fluffy pawed, short legged bundle of fur walked in.

Is he perfect? Hardly. He is still a food grabber (he counter surfs constantly and has grabbed pizza from a woman hosting a garage sale). He doesn’t come on command yet, and is oblivious to traffic (we’re headed to obedience school). He’s stubborn, and wants what he wants when he wants it. Like to sit in the driver’s seat. And he won’t surrender your favorite socks.

That said, he’s an absolute doll (he looks like he’s part bear, part dog with an extremely fluffy coat, giant head and short legs). He’s so sweet, and amazingly patient around kids. He’s a slobber-y goofball that smiles non-stop.And consequently, we can’t, either.

So he’s not perfect, he’s just perfect for us.

We feel tremendous gratitude toward Golden Bond who’ve not once but twice connected us with a lovely dog.  Because all of the hard work of many people I’ve never met, Porter made it to the U.S. to a family that loves him dearly. And a tremendous shout out to his fosters Jeff and Christina who took care of him when we needed to leave town for a family thing.

I’m happy to report that this family is once again whole (and somewhere, somehow, I think Bailey approves).



Hi!  My name is Porter (#3015) and I am three years old. I am a playful, easygoing guy that will fit in with your family. I don’t chew things that don’t belong to me, but I might bring you a sock or shoe if they aren’t put away. In fact, my foster family sacrificed a sock to me that I love to have in my mouth and carry around. I sometimes have selective hearing, however I am getting better and beginning to understand the new language around me. I am getting better at sitting and staying, especially if there are treats involved. I do get very excited when it is time to eat and put on a good show! My foster family has worked on this and I now sit somewhat patiently when my food is ready.

I weigh about 70 pounds and can be a bit strong when walking on a leash. I really enjoy playing with toys and balls.

I will fetch and return just about anything you throw for me. I am pretty mellow and would be good around children. I am housebroken and, when I rest, I like to cuddle up and help keep you warm! I get along great with other dogs and would be a good companion to other dogs in the household.

I look forward to being a big part of my forever family!



Warning: I guarantee you will fall in love with me at first sight!

Porter was adopted on May 5, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 70 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now