It was the Halloween of 2015 when I made the trip to Portland to meet my little man, and when I first saw his ear to ear smile, and soft brown eyes I knew he was the one. From our first little walk to get to know one another, to the journey home and watching his precious face in the rear view mirror, I couldn’t wait to start our lives together.   It was rumored that he had a thing for tennis balls, and that’s exactly what I had waiting for him when we got home. His amazing foster mom said it perfectly, Porter + balls = happy.  For a distinguished 9 year old gentleman, he had the fetch stamina of a young pup!

He and I spent the next year working with trainers to help him with his fear of other dogs, and he made incredible progress with the wonderful experts who gave us the tools to cope. His best friends were our occasional houseguests – a pair of adorable yorkipoos – and just last year we found the perfect addition to our little family, an 11 year old collie mix named Theo.  The boys were two peas in a pod, taking turns emptying the toy basket, joining their mom on a hike, and watched HGTV while she went to work.

Porter’s favorite past-times were long naps in the grass, making sure a stuffy was always nearby, and sitting backwards on people’s feet to make sure they were well greeted. He loved people more than treats, though he would never say no to his favorite jerky or the cookie from his admirers at the coffee drive thru.

He began to slow down the last year, arthritis setting in, and needed help in and out of the car, and even though his days of running at the park were over, he never lost his enthusiasm for life. After suddenly being unable to walk this past June, our vet diagnosed him with a back strain, and a course of pain medications, and muscle relaxers seemed to get him back on track.


We celebrated his 12th birthday, and recovery  with lots of new toys, and special treats which he soaked up like a little celebrity. Sadly that was the last day I would ever share with my precious guy.  He passed away very suddenly during the night from causes we will never know. He’d stopped breathing in my arms, with his brother by his side. After rushing him to emergency, the kind staff allowed me to say goodbye to the love of my life, and as I buried my face in his butterscotch fur I was reminded of that saying, “who rescued who?” I am forever thankful to Golden Bond for bringing him into my life, he will be remembered always.



Hi this is Porter, and I’m loving my new home, and most of all my mom! She has so many nicknames for me, and Porter Bug seems to be one that gets my tail wagging the most.  I have a plushy dog bed that’s almost twice as big as I am that I pile my toys onto, and take marathon naps on.  When my mom gets home, I unload my toy basket so she can see how happy I am to see her!  I also do this thing where I sit backwards on people’s feet, and look up at them with a huge smile on my face.

It took me a while to figurPorter1e out the doggie door, I thought it was really weird at first!  I’m still not sure about other dogs, and if they will like me or not, but I have a really great trainer that is giving me ways to make it less scary.  But my favorite thing EVER is when I get to go to the park every morning where I get to chase my ball again and again, and come home for a long snooze (my mom says I snore).  Porter2

Between my favorite stuffed penguin, and steady supply of treats I think I have it pretty good!  Nobody can believe I’m nine, and they say I act like a puppy!  Thank you Golden Bond for giving me a second chance.


Porter’s Available Story:

Porter 2622I like exploring the back yard and going in the car. I like walks, but more than anything, I love playing fetch! I run really fast to retrieve the ball (my foster mom calls me a speedball!), then politely lay it at your feet and look up at you for more. And more. And more. So invest in a new ball launcher, find a nearby park or school grounds and 5 – 10 minutes will give me lots of fun and exercise. (I’m not much interested in balls laying around–I prefer them flying in the air–so I’ve been fine with a foster brother who’s protective of his tennis balls.)

I’m calm and polite around the house. I started to climb up on the sofa once, heard a loud “NOOOOO!!!” and never tried that again. I lovingly eyeball the people bed and would love to sleep with you if you’d let me (not OK in my foster home).

I’m affectionate and loving but am not a pest about it. My foster mom says I’m “half Velcro”–sometimes lying right by your feet and other times content by myself off in another room.

For a senior I’m healthy except for one thing. A new test caught it super early that I’m starting to have kidney problems. The vet says I can live “several years” with the right diet. So now I’m on a lower-protein fish kibble with water added to help digestion (and therefore my kidneys). I will get arthritis as most dogs do if they live long enough, but right now I can run and play like a much younger dog. I’ve even gotten my foster brother, who doesn’t play much with other dogs, to occasionally play with me in the house. I weigh 55 pounds.Porter 2622a

I was attacked by a large dog as a pup and am fine with new dogs, his previous family reports, after a proper introduction. In foster care I’ve been friendly with about 40 or 50 dogs I’ve met on walks so this hasn’t been an issue. My foster mom says she’d only be concerned if a new dog was acting aggressively or started racing straight at me, and thinks I should avoid off-leash dog parks (rambunctious dogs). I’m good with kids (I’ve lived with a preschooler) and was fine with the family cat.

What kind of family do I need? I’ve always lived with another dog, but would probably be fine as an only dog. A few fetching sessions and some walks every week will make me very happy. If the people bed isn’t going to work out, can you get me a dog bed? Oh, and I’d like lots of love and kisses too.

My foster mom wants me to end with this: “Porter is a bundle of love wrapped in fur. The family that gets this happy, gentle, endearing little dog will be a very, very lucky family indeed.”

Porter was adopted on October 31, 2015.

Sex: Male
Age: 9 years old
Weight: 55 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Maybe; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted