When our family first saw Danni on Golden Bond’s site, we were in love on the spot.  Never in a million years did we think we would be the lucky ones to adopt her.  And the day we got her we felt as though we won the lab lottery.  She is beautiful- the prettiest mixed breed lab I have ever seen.  Soft fur and hazel eyes and gorgeous confirmation.  Everywhere we go people compliment about how beautiful she is.

Danni has brought a new vibrate and playful energy to our home.  She keeps us on our toes and we are challenged to keep up with her whip smart doggy brain.  In fact, she learned a short agility course and some basic nose training within a few hours of training.   Danni is very joyful and loves to play- everything from wrestling to tug-a-war.

playaWhen she is not playing she is usually snuggled up on a lap, or cuddling on the couch.  She loves any and all adventures we take her on- from truck rides to the grocery store, to long walks in the park.  We love all of her personalities- sometimes a high energy puppy, sometimes a protective alpha female, sometimes a snuggle lover and sometimes mischievous brat.  She is the most interesting dog we have ever met when it comes to her personality and we all find ourselves talking to her more like a human then a dog- when she looks at you with those eyes it’s as though she understands every word you are saying.  I can’t say enough how grateful we are to Golden Bond for rescuing Danni and allowing us to adopt her- we are so in love!!

Playa was adopted on July 30, 2016.

Playa’s Available Story:

Playa 2664cHola!  My name is Playa (#2664).  I am about one year old and I’ve been with my foster family about two months now, and I wanted to give you an update…I’ve learned so much!

Just a little bit about me, in case you missed the first version. I’m a leggy blond from Mexico, where I was homeless, living on a beach and in a shelter. Despite my past I am a healthy, loving and playful girl. I am very smart and learn quickly. My foster mom calls my soft fur “cream and honey”, and I have amber eyes and a joyful personality. I love to play with other dogs. In fact, I am a rock star at doggie camp because I play so well with everyone. I have oodles of energy, so I need daily exercise to be a good girl. I love to wrestle and chase with my older foster brother, but I’ve learned to rest quietly or play alone when he says he needs some space. Toys that squeak are my favorite, and I almost never chew up the squeaker-thingy. Almost  never.

Since living with my foster family I’ve learned sit, come when I’m called, and wait at the door before going in or out. I am content to hang out in my crate, especially with a yummy frozen kong or marrow bone. I walk really nicely on a leash with my front-clip harness (Unless there are bunnies–then all bets are off. I’m sure you understand). Previously I’d learned something called “countersurfing”, but foster mom says that’s not a marketable family skill. Instead, now I can lie calmly on my blanket when stuff is happening in the kitchen. I sit patiently for my meals, too. Other things I’m working on are stay, leave it, and not jumping on people to say hi. That’s so hard, because I really just want to give kisses and make friends, but I know people don’t like that very much. I also like to bark when people walk past my house, but I’m learning that all that commentary isn’t really appreciated. My foster parents took me on some hikes, which were great because of all the new smells and sounds. One time the trail was really crowded with people and other dogs, though, and I got kind of scared and barked a lot. My foster mom says that it’s partly because life with a leash is new to me, and that my forever family can teach me how not to be scared of stuff like that.Playa 2664d

Most of all, I’ve learned how wonderful it is to live with a family, to be safe and loved. More than anything I dream of people of my own to share adventures, play, learn and snuggle with me. Are you my forever best friend?

Update from Playa’s Foster Mom:

Playa is right. She has come a long way in two months! She is whip smart and learns quickly. Her personality is happy, playful and loving. While not a true “Velcro dog”, she does not like to be left alone for long periods of time.  She rides cheerfully in the car in her crate or tethered, and she loves to go on adventures. Playa does have a lot of energy and will need daily exercise to be a happy pup. She plays extremely well with other dogs, and would thrive with regular playtime at a dog park or play group with friends.  She barks when seeing other dogs while leashed; a Reactive Rover-type class would be great for her. She learns easily with positive training, (she’s very food-motivated!) and will do best with people committed to helping her continue learning good skills.

Playa has incredibly soft fur, velvet ears and a pink-lemonade nose. She has an impish, curious outlook on life, and loves to play, cuddle and be loved. This little sweetie deserves an active, fun and loving forever family of her own. Are you Playa’s dream come true?

Sex: Female
Age: One year
Weight: 34 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+ if respectful, gentle and dog-savvy (tiny kids unsettle Playa)
Availability: Adopted