Pickle in snowPickle was adopted on February 13, 2017

Hi!  My name is Pickle (#2777)!  I’m not sure where my name came from but I answer to it so I guess I’ll keep it.  I think I am two years old, but I do have some “ blond” hairs on my chin that my foster thinks are grey, so maybe I’m a little bit older.

I love balls!  I love ALL balls!  I love the balls on TV!  I love the balls you didn’t know were under the stove or hidden in the corner!!  I even love the balls that aren’t really balls (onions), though I hear some of the balls that aren’t really balls are bad for dogs.  Boo!  Oh well…my point is that I love balls!

I would love a home where I am understood.  In addition to balls, I also love humans!  I want to climb all over them so much that I forget to stop!  My foster tells me that it is nice if I lay next to her or on her feet when she is at the computer rather than bumping her arm or climbing in her lap.  I am starting to understand that, especially since I want to be right with her all the time.  It seems like understanding her cues helps me get what I want, but I still need practice before I’m completely in tune to what humans expect.

I would prefer a home without small kids because I often run without looking and might knock them down. I love my foster brothers, both big and small.  I enjoy walking and I like just being with my family.  I will go in my crate if needed but I prefer to be free to share my love.  I don’t destroy much.  (Truth be told, there was a little digging incident in my foster home but that happens to everyone.  Right?)  I like to see what is on the counter and will bring the good stuff to my family but I don’t destroy it.

I really just need a patient family who sees that I love them so VERY, VERY much that I can’t control my enthusiasm.  (You may have noticed my generous use of exclamation points?  That’s to show how enthusiastic I am!)

What do you think?  Could I be the Pickle for you?  If you already have dogs named Mustard and Ketchup, it’s a no brainer.  I’m just sayin’.   Even if you don’t have Mustard and Ketchup, I hope you’ll consider making me a member of your family.

Adoption fee:  $350 plus $35 microchip fee

Sex: Female
Age: About 2 years old
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Teens
Availability: Now