Let me introduce you to Petra. That’s her given name but it’s not ours. To us she’s affectionately tagged Pettipaws and or Honey or Pretty in Pink. The latter she got because she IS pretty in her pink collar and matching leash against her tan coat and big, caramel-colored eyes.

But her biggest selling point for me at least has been the many quirky yet endearing qualities she has. Perhaps the singularly most striking of these is the way she greets me each morning. You see, she swaggers, (yes, she has swagger) into the bedroom making this noise that is like the equivalent of a doggie purr. And always when she does this she’s got one of her babies (toys or rubber bones) in her mouth. Then it’s a series of stops and starts as she tries to decide what to do next which often means who to follow. You see Petra doesn’t like being alone so she’ll either follow Sue or myself like a shadow, which begets yet another nickname! Shadow!

In addition to her whole litany of pet names, she has burrowed a way into our hearts with how affectionate and good natured her temperament is. She has blended with our family very well. She’s even learning to play with Greta, our lab/terrier mix. Like Petra she’s an older gal, topping 10 years. But it doesn’t slow her down any. Jingle her leash and Petra transforms into an affectionate oversized puppy. She loves her walks! And if that’s not enough her signature stance of crossing her two front paws is a sight that always brings a smile. In short, she’s our sunlight in the morning and our moonlight at night. And no matter where she is, she’s a sheer delight.

Petra was adopted on June 11, 2013.

Petra #2354

Petra #2354 is 8 years old and came to GBR from the shelter. She was quite dirty when she arrived, but has been cleaned up and is looking beautiful now. Her foster mom says that she is a gem and will be a great addition for nearly any family.

Sex: Female
Age: 8
Weight: 65 lbs
Attributes: Good with other dogs and kids.
Availability: N/A