Petey was an exceptional fellow, a hero in our eyes.  For those of you who remember, he was a Burns dog, rescued from the horror of a “breeder” whose dogs lived in holes in the ground they dug to protect themselves from the elements.  He had been so traumatized in his first two years, before he was rescued, that when he first came to us, if approached by a man, he would cringe with his tail between his legs, back away, keeping a safe distance.

Over time he begin to trust.  As he became more confident, he developed a love of early morning cuddles and after meals would seek us out to say, “thanks” with a lick and tail wags.  His foster mom said he’d never be comfortable with strangers but he proved her wrong.  He slowly learned that even children could be trusted.  He was wonderful with other dogs, always friendly.  He showed so much courage and good humor throughout his life.   Even as sick as he was on his last day, barely able to walk, when approached by one of his friends, he gave him a tail wag.

We are so grateful to Golden Bond for rescuing him and giving us the chance of having him with us for the past 7+ years.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with probable cancer, having 2 large abdominal tumors and died a week later.  Even when sick he was the sweetest natured guy.  I’m attaching a picture.  He’s the redhead .

Janet and Jonathan

Adopted October 13, 2009

1888_Petey_1At the moment we’re so busy we’ve not had a moment hardly even to breath. Do you know about Petey #1888? He’s a shy/frightened boy who is very sweet and lovable – what Golden isn’t? Darlene thought he would like living at our house because he and Jamie were good buddies while being fostered with her. It’s been fascinating watching him grow more confident each day. He’s still not totally sure that Jonathan isn’t the “dog eating giant”, but he’s now comfortable enough around him to play with Jamie which is a tremendous milestone.

We took him to foster for 2 weeks in Oct. knowing we had a road trip to Calif. planned for the first of Nov. Darlene’s advice was to take him with us even though he would be experiencing many new places and people. She suggested we start him on doggy Prozac to make the trip easier. 1888_petey_2We were tempted to take it a couple times, not because of him but because of Crazy Jamie. However, we didn’t. And, during the trip, because he was doing so well, we decreased his dose and gave the rest to Jamie which made the trip much easier. And so, the story is that Petey did exceptionally well, even with all the strange people and places and in the process has become a loved member of our family.