How do you spell perfect?  C l i p p e r !  Our new “Made in China” boy was absolutely perfect from day 1!

We picked up our precious Clipper at Seatac the week before Thanksgiving as he embarked on his new life in the Inland Northwest.  There was an instant connection!  Not only is Clipper smart and intuitive but he is a very handsome Golden!  Clipper knew his new name within 24 hours.  It took him 2 minutes to learn the doggie door.  He already knew basic commands like come, sit, stay and heel; such a great boy!


He was introduced to snow for probably the first time in his young life; and not just a few snow flakes but 10″ of snow!  Clipper is calm in the house, gets the zoomies in the snow and always wants to go in the car.  His favorite toys are balls and squeaky woobies and he loves his walks!  Clipper gives the best hugs and love; he has us wrapped around his paw!  He hasn’t met a dog, kitty cat, wild turkey, deer or moose that he doesn’t like.  He wants to “friend” everyone and every critter!

Clipper came into our home at the perfect time.  Between June 23 and Nov 3 we said goodbye to all 3 of our fur kids; saddest time of our lives.  Then along came Clipper, who is so much like our #1 son, Tugboat, that in the beginning we must have called him Tugboat a dozen times a day.  It was like he knew he had big paws to fill; and he filled our empty hearts!

We’re anxiously awaiting warmer weather so we can introduce him to the lake and load him up in the RV for long weekend adventures! Stay tuned for news on Clipper’s new brother from another mother.  That’s a totally different, but loving tale with another happy beginning.  Does anyone have two “Made in China” dog tags for sale?